Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Play Kitchen

Our play kitchen got a small makeover.

It's nothing fancy, but it got some structure to it. We bought this play kitchen when Mr. Brigglesworth was just born. The boys have had so much fun playing in it.

Before, its setup was nothing special, but I thought if I added some organization to it, the boys would play a little better with it. We had one bucket that housed everything. The aprons were in there and the boys were digging to find those aprons. So, I bought those 3M Command hooks and hung the aprons on the wall next to the play kitchen.

The table and chairs use to be on another wall, but I moved those over to the play kitchen so it could be an in-house diner.

I was thinking of finding a cute picture to hang above the table and chairs. I searched around at Hobby Lobby and found quite a few. I landed on the perfect one!

The buckets next to the play kitchen now separate the play food from the utensils and cookware. The boys like organization as much as I do, so the buckets have stayed organized and don't mix.

Mister Pfitzer is obsessed with the play phone and carries it around everywhere. He can now say, "phone."

One day my kiddos will outgrow this kitchen, but right now it is a favorite that I'm hanging on to.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bonus Room

The Bonus Room is not complete, but I'll share how far it has come along.

The first thing in this room was a couch. We bought a small couch from Costco.

We had a small bookcase that we kept the small TV on and the VCR player.

And you saw the music side of the room with the guitar's hanging.

We eventually upgraded the TV in that room and bought a console to conceal more toys.

It is definitely meant to be a fun room where all the playing happens and that's what goes down. Mister Pfitzer loves to get play time up here because it is a whole different set of toys he doesn't get to play with often.

It is a fun room that I am not done with. It is functional in how we have all the toys with easy access, but I'm not loving the look. I'm all about having toys easily accessible so the toys are actually played with, but I battle putting them on shelves to look "nice" but then I know they won't get played with.

Stay tuned for updates to this room.
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