Friday, October 29, 2010

Dad's Health

10/10/10 was a good day. Kelsey married DJ McGuire. The wedding was beautiful. Exactly how I would picture a wedding. Hard to imagine they planned it in only 2.5 months!! We left the reception for home at around 815. We got home and Mom's car was gone. The side table in the foyer was moved over about a foot. Dad was not in his room. I had a hunch something wasn't right. Mr. JCrew said I was thinking the worst. I couldn't reach Mom and finally got ahold of Kendal. She said Mom had called Kerry and Kerry told her that Dad had a perforated colon from his colonoscopy (10/5/10) and possibly pneumonia. They went to the ER by ambulance at 430 that day. Mom never called me to tell because she didn't want to ruin the wedding.

Fast forward to today... Dad had a ruptured ulcer. His saturation levels were low and his blood pressure was extremely low. His left foot was blue and no pulse. They said before his operation, he could die; and after his operation, he could die. He was in SICU for a week. He's now been in the hospital for 2 weeks, 5 days and is doing rehab. They gave us notice last night that he can go home Thursday 11/4/10.

Other good news... Kelsey and DJ found out on Monday that they are having a boy... James Preston; due March 20th. Everyone is excited. AND Mom and Dad's townhouse broke ground on 10/4/10. They've already got framing up and framing in the roof. It's been a fast month and long awaited.

Have a great weekend!

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