Monday, January 17, 2011

Picasso - Crate and Barrel CopyCat

That’s who I feel like right now. I tackled a DIY I honestly thought I couldn’t do. I had high hopes.

I found a lot of paintings I loved a year ago that I found homes for. Most of them I was able to find on and it cut the cost significantly.
There was one set of six pictures I couldn’t find a copy of. It was only offered through Crate and Barrel for $369 or $69.96 for each print individually. I originally planned to have these prints in the yellow quest room.
Courtesy - Crate and Barrel

I didn’t buy the prints because my plans changed for the yellow room and I wasn’t willing to drop the cash. It wasn’t until I saw a DIY project on and they had viewers create their own Classical Symmetry sets. One girl used Adobe Illustrator to re-create the prints. The other girl actually painted her own prints.
I looked into buying “Illustrator” but still wasn’t willing to pay the money for the program and then pay the money to print it at Kinkos. I almost tossed the idea, but I browsed at Hobby Lobby for possible supplies I could use.
I found 12x12 inch black frames.
I found Acrylic paper that was exactly 12x12 inch size!

I found a kit of 12 Acrylic paints.

Next step… figure out how I was going to re-create the patterns. I tackled the easy ones first. The ones with the circles appeared easiest.

I found an object that was the circle size I needed and started tracing in pencil. Once the pencil outline was done, I started painting.

Once done, I was pretty proud.

The green painting was not so bad. I took two different size square pieces of paper and traced them.

The other shapes were pretty intimidating. I had to create my own shapes. The end result was a combination of different shapes together.
The penciling of the patterns was not hard, but involved measuring to ensure center and spacing.

The hardest part was the painting. I used a flat brush to create the thick paint lines. It felt like an eternity to finish. Holding my body and hand still, and waiting for areas to dry so I could move on without risk of smearing.

Once done, I could hardly believe it! I patted myself on the back. 

Instead of spending $400 (after tax and shipping.) I only spent $52 dollars (including tax)!

I honestly didn’t have a place to hang them and was part of the reason why I never got the paintings. But I had a new idea for the green room and making the paintings an extension of the headboard. The headboard is a little low, and the paintings would make it feel much taller.

I’m very happy with the end result, and even happier to have not spent so much money.

You never know what you can do until you try! I would have never thought I was an artist. But I can do shapes!!
In This Post:
Acrylic paper: $12.99
Acrylic paint: $7.99
Paint Brushes: $2.99
Six Black Frames: $60 $30… Hobby Lobby 50% off for the week!

 This project is part of the link party for week 2 of the "Creating With The Stars."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pottery Barn Has My Number

I got the new catalog in the mail and I’ve already picked my favorites! There is something on every page. I currently don’t have money to spend, but I’m putting them on my wish list.
We just talked about my obsession taste for big random floral patterns in “manly” colors for rugs, and Pottery Barn comes out with a new rug!!! I don’t have a place to put it! Bet I can find one. The bonus room or our bedroom! I’ll keep thinking and looking for pennies!  ;)
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

They used these lamps in the catalog, but didn’t list them for sale! I’m always bummed when I see items they use in their design not offered. But I was surprised when I turned a couple more pages to the back half of the catalog and saw all of the new lamps listed for sale.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn
They are all great, but my favorite is the chunky square urn.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I saw a picture with it on nightstands and think it would be great on my nightstands. For $200 each (without the lampshade) I don’t think Mr. JCrew would approve.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

Courtesy - Pottery Barn

They also had this cool “Reclaimed” looking floor lamp. It’s not really reclaimed, but they are making the lamps looking like they salvaged pieces of old columns and turn them into lamps. This could be a great DIY project.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I also noticed in this catalog that they are selling real antique sewing machines. I’ve seen this idea for a while, using a sewing machine as decoration and liked it. I just figured I could look around and find my own salvaged sewing machine. But if you aren’t having luck of your own, you can buy them for $199.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I’ve always liked using unique pieces that no longer can serve a purpose and use them to decorate. My mom did that and I loved it. She used the old gate we had in our cow pasture and leaned it against the side of the house by the garage as decoration! I loved it. Now I see barn doors being used inside as artwork or doors themselves.
Courtesy - HGTV 2011 Dream Home
Look around and see what you can salvage and use for another purpose than what it was created.  It’s fun!
 In This Post:Bouquet Floral Rug – Pottery Barn - $119-$749
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Square Urn - $200
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Finial Bedside - $100
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Turned wood Table Lamp - $150
Architectural Salvage Floor Lamp – Pottery Barn - $599
Found Sewing Machine – Pottery Barn - $199

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rugs ... the bigger, the better

I have a particular taste in rugs. I’m not into patterns, but Mr. JCrew is. I’m not into Persian. I like BIG prints. Random prints are even better. You don’t have to center them or make them symmetrical. The more random, the better.
This particular taste leans towards floral. I try so hard not to like floral because I know Mr. JCrew is not a fan, but it’s what I find. At least I like manly colors!!!
First rug I saw, was the Pottery Barn Janelle rug. This print had large flowers on a brown base. The flowers were white, blue, orange, etc. I loved the colors and the print.
Janelle Rug - Pottery Barn

This rug would be perfect in my dining room. The brown base would go with my Portabella walls and the pattern would disguise food spills.

Anderson wanted to be my model

I caught my eye on another rug. Target had the Antik Floral Loop rug in early 2010. They had it in all sizes. Only online did they have the 7x10 size I needed.
I chose 7x10 because I purposefully wanted the rug to fit under every section of our huge sectional and extend out a little further.
TIP: A rug ties furniture together. You don’t want to line your furniture against the wall. Place a rug in the middle of a room and put the furniture around the edges. If it’s a couch and chairs, have the front legs of all the furniture on the rug. Take a step back and look at how the room feels homey.

The Antik Floral rug had “manly” colors that went with the living room color palette. And of course I loved the big floral print.

Anderson modeling again

I’ve even seen pictures where there is a rug halfway under a bed. I think it looks cool. I envision an off-white fluffy rug to go under the foot of our bed.

We’ll see if that idea sticks.
At a local baby supply store, I saw they displayed their cribs with shag rag rugs partially underneath the cribs. The look is great!
I also have small rugs around the house.
A rug at the front door.

A NEW rug at the back door (Christmas present)

A rug at the kitchen sink. This rug is slightly invisible and I like it that way. Blends in with the tile.

An outdoor rug for the dogs!

And of course a rug for the shower.
Play with your rugs. They make a huge difference.
5x7 Rug wasn't big enough
Bigger rug looks better

In This Post:
Rug #1: Pottery Barn – Janelle 9x12
Rug #2: Target – Antik Floral 8x10
Rug #3: Costco
Rug #4: Kirkland’s
Rug #5: Target
Rug #6: Pier 1

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Concrete Jungle

Our back patio was puny! It was bigger than most, but we wanted it bigger. We came up with the idea to pour more concrete.

We weighed the idea of pouring it ourselves. We had no idea what we were doing, but our friends had done it and said it was cheap. But as we questioned them more about the involvement, they complained about the difficulty of getting it right. We were going to find a good deal contractor.
At first we thought we’d just extend the patio out further by ten more feet. But Mr. JCrew got creative again and wanted to create an “L” Shaped patio.

I’ve started listening more to Mr. JCrew’s input. I always bounce my ideas off him and he makes them better! The new extension would be 10 x 20 feet.
We used a local contractor to pour our concrete. I found an idea picture I wanted to duplicate.
Idea Picture - Favorite pattern and color
This pattern was a new one for the contractor. He liked it so much, he asked to add it to his options. The pricing for such a design came out expensive. It involved stamping and different stains. I had to weigh my options.  As much as I wanted the new design on my concrete, I opted for plain grey because I was afraid the idea design wouldn’t go with my brick on the house.

With this nice clay we have outside, the porch was beginning to turn orange! It wasn’t just our dogs’ fault; the humans playing in the dirt were making an equal mess. So we decided to paint the porch a pretty brown color. There is concrete paint made specifically to adhere to concrete. It comes in basic colors or you can customize your own with a special order.

We couldn’t paint the newly poured concrete for a good four to six weeks after the pour. I could not wait longer than four weeks!
I love the new extension. Gives us more room to have outdoor furniture. The porch isn't done with its remodel yet. Stay tuned!

In This Post:
Concrete Contractor Used: Eddie from PSA, Birmingham, AL (also Across the Pond in Hsv)
Concrete Paint: Valspar (Lowes) Latex Porch/Floor Paint in Satin Brown
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