Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Concrete Jungle

Our back patio was puny! It was bigger than most, but we wanted it bigger. We came up with the idea to pour more concrete.

We weighed the idea of pouring it ourselves. We had no idea what we were doing, but our friends had done it and said it was cheap. But as we questioned them more about the involvement, they complained about the difficulty of getting it right. We were going to find a good deal contractor.
At first we thought we’d just extend the patio out further by ten more feet. But Mr. JCrew got creative again and wanted to create an “L” Shaped patio.

I’ve started listening more to Mr. JCrew’s input. I always bounce my ideas off him and he makes them better! The new extension would be 10 x 20 feet.
We used a local contractor to pour our concrete. I found an idea picture I wanted to duplicate.
Idea Picture - Favorite pattern and color
This pattern was a new one for the contractor. He liked it so much, he asked to add it to his options. The pricing for such a design came out expensive. It involved stamping and different stains. I had to weigh my options.  As much as I wanted the new design on my concrete, I opted for plain grey because I was afraid the idea design wouldn’t go with my brick on the house.

With this nice clay we have outside, the porch was beginning to turn orange! It wasn’t just our dogs’ fault; the humans playing in the dirt were making an equal mess. So we decided to paint the porch a pretty brown color. There is concrete paint made specifically to adhere to concrete. It comes in basic colors or you can customize your own with a special order.

We couldn’t paint the newly poured concrete for a good four to six weeks after the pour. I could not wait longer than four weeks!
I love the new extension. Gives us more room to have outdoor furniture. The porch isn't done with its remodel yet. Stay tuned!

In This Post:
Concrete Contractor Used: Eddie from PSA, Birmingham, AL (also Across the Pond in Hsv)
Concrete Paint: Valspar (Lowes) Latex Porch/Floor Paint in Satin Brown

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