Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pottery Barn Has My Number

I got the new catalog in the mail and I’ve already picked my favorites! There is something on every page. I currently don’t have money to spend, but I’m putting them on my wish list.
We just talked about my obsession taste for big random floral patterns in “manly” colors for rugs, and Pottery Barn comes out with a new rug!!! I don’t have a place to put it! Bet I can find one. The bonus room or our bedroom! I’ll keep thinking and looking for pennies!  ;)
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

They used these lamps in the catalog, but didn’t list them for sale! I’m always bummed when I see items they use in their design not offered. But I was surprised when I turned a couple more pages to the back half of the catalog and saw all of the new lamps listed for sale.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn
They are all great, but my favorite is the chunky square urn.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I saw a picture with it on nightstands and think it would be great on my nightstands. For $200 each (without the lampshade) I don’t think Mr. JCrew would approve.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

Courtesy - Pottery Barn

They also had this cool “Reclaimed” looking floor lamp. It’s not really reclaimed, but they are making the lamps looking like they salvaged pieces of old columns and turn them into lamps. This could be a great DIY project.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I also noticed in this catalog that they are selling real antique sewing machines. I’ve seen this idea for a while, using a sewing machine as decoration and liked it. I just figured I could look around and find my own salvaged sewing machine. But if you aren’t having luck of your own, you can buy them for $199.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn

I’ve always liked using unique pieces that no longer can serve a purpose and use them to decorate. My mom did that and I loved it. She used the old gate we had in our cow pasture and leaned it against the side of the house by the garage as decoration! I loved it. Now I see barn doors being used inside as artwork or doors themselves.
Courtesy - HGTV 2011 Dream Home
Look around and see what you can salvage and use for another purpose than what it was created.  It’s fun!
 In This Post:Bouquet Floral Rug – Pottery Barn - $119-$749
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Square Urn - $200
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Finial Bedside - $100
Architectural Salvage Lamp Base – Pottery Barn – Turned wood Table Lamp - $150
Architectural Salvage Floor Lamp – Pottery Barn - $599
Found Sewing Machine – Pottery Barn - $199

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