Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Has A Name

We picked out names for our potential kids shortly after we were married. Mr. JCrew is a “Third” and I am not into naming kids the same exact name of a parent, so the issue was discussed early on. I’m also not a fan a too traditional names that are common. My style is classic, yet uncommon.
We picked out four names. Two girls and two boys. We picked up on a theme we had. All our names started with the letter “B.” This could make things very easy!
Since the yellow room is our nursery, and we stuck to a gender neutral theme, everything else we’ve planned out has stuck with having multiple uses. Hopefully, the room will never have to be painted again (except for accidental writing on the wall,) and the artwork and furniture will last through children. It’s definitely not a “Baby” room, but a room they can grow into.
A trend with baby rooms right now is writing the name of the baby in wooden letters over the crib.
You know I’m unique, so I couldn’t just paint letters like everyone else. I searched out for different designs. I found quite a few.

I searched out for circle/oval wooden plaques to make my own. I was unsuccessful. There were none in the size I needed. They were all too small.
I ended up changing my design and used a rectangle wooden plaque.
My design would vary from the idea I had. Because we don’t know the gender of the baby, I couldn’t make the whole name. I then decided I would hang the initials above the bed. “B” and “J.” They could be used for all the babies we had and I wouldn’t have to make so many or any more with each kid.
When I found my wooden plaques, I also found the perfect piece of scrapbook paper. I would cut out the letters from the scrapbook paper and adhere them to the painted wooden plaque. The scrapbook paper looked like it was a bunch of scrap pieces put together. It was an added bonus that it was the perfect colors of blue, green and brown combined!

I first started with painting the wooden plaques. I used normal arts & craft paint. One plaque would be blue; the other brown.

Once those dried, I used a white paint pen to draw dash lines as a border, to look like it had been sewn.

The paint pen work dries fast. After the letters were cut out of the scrapbook paper, I glued them onto the painted plaques.
Now when I did this project, all our names started with “B.” Then we had a change with one of our boy names, and switched the order of the first name and middle name. I now needed to create another letter incase we had a boy.
The finished look made it look like it was handmade. It’s not a bad look at all, but I wanted it to look finished. I got my Modge Podge out and started putting the finishing coat on.

Modge Podge can be used for many things. You can use it to preserve a finished puzzle. I even used it on my pointe shoes when I first started pointe. It stiffened up the toe part to make the shoes last a little bit longer.  When modge podge is applied to the wood, it looks opaque. You can still see your design, but there is a white haze to it. Don’t worry, it will dry clear.

Let your masterpiece dry overnight. Evaluate to see if you need another coat. Monitor it while it’s drying. Sometimes you can get air pockets you need to fix, but can’t do anything about once it’s dry.
Once dry, I attached ribbon to hang them with. The ribbon I chose was a funky, chunky brown ribbon. Because it was so wide, I glued a thin ribbon down the middle of it.

To attach the ribbon to the plaque, I used a staple gun. I measured the ribbon and made sure it was the same length.

My new letter “W” for our boy name had to have the plaque turned sideways. My ribbon then had to be a different length.
Once the ribbon was attached, I glued bows to the top. It looked really plain without the bows for some reason.

I love the finished product. I’ve got my “B” ready in case it’s a girl and I’ve got my “W” ready for a boy. It will be an easy switch to fix!

In This Post:
Wooden Plaque:  6x8 rectangle, Hobby Lobby, $1.99
Scrapbook Paper: 2 sheets of 12x12; Hobby Lobby
Craft Paint: Navy (23653) and Espresso: $0.99 each; Hobby Lobby
Ribbon: 1 yard of brown wavy ribbon; $1.47; Hobby Lobby
Ribbon: 15 feet; $0.99; Hobby Lobby
Paint Pen: Galaxy Marker in white, broad tip; $3.99; Hobby Lobby
Modge Podge: $2.49; Hobby Lobby

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