Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Me At My Crib At 2AM

Our crib cost us absolutely nothing. Our neighbors got this crib for $5 at a consignment shop sale and intended on staining it. They got a new crib instead. I had a Sunday School friend who was pregnant but still had a baby in a crib, so I knew she’d need another crib. I asked our neighbors if we could offer it to the Sunday School friend. We picked it up that afternoon and gave it to our Sunday School friend. She was so thankful and elated to know she wouldn’t have to pay the money for a second crib. Well, they got a 3-in-1 convertible crib and tried to offer the $5 crib to another person. No one wanted the crib! I admit it wasn’t a pretty color, but it had potential! I took the crib back and put it in our attic.

Since the crib was going into the Yellow Room, I decided to use the paint used on the top board for the twin beds. My mom helped with this project. It was intended to give her something to do as she experiences the long days just after retiring.
She sanded down the crib to get the varnish and old stain off.
Electric Sander

The crib took so long because of the railing. I owe my mom!
After painting it with two coats, she added the clear top coat to seal it in.

I can’t get over how perfect it is. It’s not fancy, but it does the job. Best part, it matches the furniture in the room. It was meant to be.

In This Room:
Crib: Hand-me-down
Crib Bumper: Pottery Barn-Kasey (Navy)
Crib Sheets: Caden Lane
Crib Mobile: Pottery Barn – Elephants

Crib Bed Skirt: From my green room (childhood days) cut down to size for a crib

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  1. girl it is so beautiful. i know that you you would do something amazing with it. baby j.crew will love it.


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