Tuesday, May 17, 2011

26 Weeks

Twenty-six is the only number between a square (25=52) and a cube (27=33). Twenty-six is the age at which males can no longer be drafted in the United States. In a normal deck of cards, there are 26 red cards and 26 black cards. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. Runners run 26 miles in a marathon. There are twenty-six bones in the normal human foot and ankle.
Baby J is getting closer to two pounds and is 14 inches long. The ears can hear sounds better outside the womb and the lungs are developing as the baby swallows amniotic fluid.

5-17-11 26 Weeks

I haven't had a huge growth spurt, but I'm sure one is coming. Lately I have not been able to stop eating! I've always been a snacker, but the snacks are getting more and more frequent. I'm not complaining. Mr. JCrew thinks it's funny. I now snack as often as he does and he thinks of me as his snack buddy.

Baby J's favorite time of day is my bedtime. Between 7-9 at night, the babe dances. Literally! It's all over the place. I'm usually so tired, I can fall asleep while it's going on, but it sure can wake me up at 2AM.

Crazy dreams come and go and forgetfullness is present. I can remember parts of things, but the other parts are completely erased. I try so hard to jog my memory and it use to work, but now it doesn't. One dream I had this week involved me grabbing the baby's foot through my tummy and asking Mr. JCrew to get the camera and take a picture. HA! I wasn't letting the foot go.

How Far Along?: 26 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of an English hothouse cucumber! (ha)
Maternity Clothes?: More often than not.
Sleep?: I am started to get tired in the evenings again.
Food Cravings?: Can't get enough of cereal and toast. Lemonaide
Movement?: Lots of dancing at night. :)
Gender?: Will find out June 18th!
Belly Button?: Still in
Special Moment of the week: We have less than 100 days left (hopefully)

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