Tuesday, June 28, 2011

32 Weeks

Thirty-two. 32 = 11 + 22 + 33. Thirty-two is the freezing point of water at sea level in degrees Fahrenheit. A soccer ball is typically made with 32 panels of leather or synthetic material. Thirty-two is the number of teeth in a full set of an adult human, including wisdom teeth. I use to always say I should have been born in 1932. Then my birthday would be 8-16-32… but 82 was close enough. Just close the 3 to make an 8. J I’m a dork, I know!
At 32 weeks, Little Jcrew is almost 17 inches long and about 4 pounds! The growth spurt has officially begun. He has toenails, fingernails and real hair. The skin is smoothing out (less wrinkles) and the brain is getting more wrinkles.

6-28-11 ... 32 Weeks

This weekend we had the honor to babysit our friend’s baby over night. He’s almost seven months old and the easiest baby I’ve ever met. Mr. JCrew and I had fun pretending what it will be like when our own little one arrives.
How Far Along?: 32 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a jcama
Sleep?:  Very tired all the time. Yet, my mind wakes me up with a to-do list at midnight.
Food Cravings?: none. Although I’ve overloaded myself the past week with baked goods (leftover cake!)
Movement?: Still a lot. This boy is a mover. I love it.
Gender?: It’s a BOY!!
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Feeling Little Boy hiccup for the first time Sunday night. I’ve been conscious because I know it can happen, but have never felt them. Poor thing had them for a long time.
Labor Signs: None.
Next Doctor’s Appt?: Today
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Crossing another week off the countdown!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's A ...

BOY!!! I’m still in shock!

We found out June 18th. Our parents were there and we video-taped our reactions to send to my lil sister. We found out by cutting the cake. The inside was BLUE! My jaw dropped. I was prepared to see a pink inside, so when we cut the cake, I was confused as to what color I was seeing. First glance, I thought it was green. I thought, “What does green mean?” It wasn’t until someone yelled, “It’s a boy” that I realized the cake was blue!

Having a boy on the Wilkinson-side of the family is rare. My parents have four girls and two boys. My sister has three girls and my other sister has a girl and a boy. I have ONE nephew on the Wilkinson side. I know my nieces are going to love to spoil their new nephew!
I really wanted either a boy or a girl. A girl would be so much fun because she’d be dressed so cute and she’d balance out all the boys we have in the house. A boy would be fun because it would be a “mini-me” of Mr. JCrew and he’d follow in his daddy’s athletic footsteps.

Little Mr. JCrew
Little Mrs. JCrew

As far as a name for Little JCrew, his daddy came up with his name. Mr. JCrew is a Third, and I mentioned before (here) that I was not into having a Fourth. I love unique names and I like naming girls with boy names. (All of my sisters have boy names. Even Lindsay is considered a boy name that gained popularity as a girl name.) Back when we contemplated names, there was an emerging trend I loved; using your maiden name as the first name of your child. I now know a little girl named Anderson; a little girl named McCall; a little girl named Collins; a boy named Fisher and a little boy named Miller. I’ve always loved using a last name for a first name. Even before I ever met Mr. JCrew, I wrote the name “Jenson” for a possible boy name. Now all of my children will have it as a last name. I’ll take that!
So, when it came to naming our little boy, Mr. JCrew liked Wilkinson as a first name, but we both agreed it was a mouth-full for a name. I’m picky with nicknames too. The longer a name is, the more opportunity for nicknames to come forth. Why not name your child with a nickname to start with? Or at least make it one syllable. So, that’s what we did!

Wilks is a nickname version of my maiden name and Barclay is for Mr. JCrew’s love of soccer. The ‘football’ in England is played under the “Barclays Premier League” and is sponsored by the bank, Barclays. In England it is pronounced “Berkley” but I know how hard it is for us Westerners to pronounce things right, so we will stick with pronouncing it how it looks.
We are beyond excited. Growing up with so many sisters, I’ve had my fair-share of girl time. I’m ready to have a little boy and experience all the boy things with him. I will have someone to play Lego’s with me!!! And a little boy to go digging for worms with! I’m sure he’ll be a rough little guy, but I’m up for the challenge.

Best little gift from the family…

Best big gift from the family…

Little JCrew will love walks to Mimi’s house!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Garage Organization

I was very fortunate that when I moved to Alabama, is when my parents downsized their house in FL. They no longer had a yard to take care of, so I was gifted with all these wonderful yard tools. I also received a lot of other knick-knack garage things that I would eventually have needs for.
With all these new-to-me tools, I had to figure out a way to neatly store it all. It’s my goal to always keep   two cars in the garage. Even though Mr. JCrew has always wanted to turn the garage into his workout room.
The garage slowly came together. I had a couple hanging things that I used immediately.

A place for the umbrellas by the door.

And we bought some racks for one side of the garage.

Funny fact is… the white rack was Mr. JCrew’s before we were married. He had it in two or three parts and used them in his bedroom as storage.  Boys! Wasn’t exactly inside material, but it worked for his simplistic lifestyle.
Later down the road I came across an organization system at Home Depot. It’s by Rubbermaid and it’s called “FastTrack.”.

I love it. You attach the rails to the wall and then you can put any attachments you want on it.

There is even a wheelbarrow hanger!

We used this for the ladder, extension cords, soccer balls, chairs, and everything we could think of.

We even used it for our bikes and have the rail already hung up and ready for the little JCrew bikes that will soon come.

I love this system with all my heart. We can easily move things around as we accumulate or get rid of more things.
Eventually we plan to Epoxy the garage floor, but we keep finding better things to do with our money. Plus, I can’t decide on a color I will love forever.
Decisions, decisions.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lanterns Are My Thing

Remember when I showed you the lanterns my mom hung on her porch? (here) I love those lanterns. I found them at Old Time Pottery. They had all these different sizes. I bought the larger size for my stone wall, but by the time I went back for the medium size, they were out. I only got one of the medium size.

Large Lantern on Seating Wall
Somewhere along in the thought process, I decided I wanted to hang a lantern by the back door. I put an electric candle with a timer in it.

This Lantern Came In White; I Painted It Brown.
I like this look just fine. But then I went and added another one. I guess I was trying to be symmetrical, like my mom’s look, but it did not work. I haven’t been happy with it and I’m still not feeling it.

It might be because the lanterns don’t match, but they also don’t match in regards to location. I’m thinking of removing the lantern on the pole and taking the lantern and replacing the lantern by the door with it. It would then match the other lanterns.

Favorite Lantern by Back Door
If I do go through with it, I’d need to remove the hook and fill the holes. Or maybe find something else to hang on the hook? I’m just stumped. Eventually my Jackson Vine will cover that hook and you won’t see what is behind there anyway.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fountain Grass

Not everyone’s yard has utility boxes in it, but we were the lucky ones to have a set on each side. Our neighborhood has underground utilities (which I think are fabulous,) but the down side is that we have these beautiful boxes sitting in our yards!

I’ve seen others in the neighborhood disguise their boxes with plants. There are rules to hiding these boxes with bushes. One side has to remain open so that workers can access the boxes. Plus, you have to hand-dig the holes (using small shovels) that are 18 inches away from the boxes.
One set of boxes in our yard is covered with Sunny knockout roses. You’ve seen them here. I love them, but the only drawback is that they lose their leaves in the winter, so there is not hiding the boxes for a couple months out of the year.

Sunny Knockouts in February
The other box was much bigger, making the plant search geared towards taller plants. There was one house that had fountain grass around their utility box and I absolutely fell in love with the look.
I went out in search of this certain grass and found it at a local nursery.

After first planting them

You’ve got to be careful! This grass will slice your skin. You don’t even realize it when it happens.
In the winter, this grass goes dormant. There are beautiful plumes in the fall.

In January/February timeframe, it’s time to cut the grass down to about a foot high.

Winter Trimming
This exposes my utility box, but it’s only temporary. The grass grew so much when it came back.

And it seems to be coming back even bigger this year. I love how it sways in the wind.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

31 Weeks

Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors. January, March, May, July, August, October and December all have 31 days in them. There's not anything special about the number 31; except Baby J is 31 weeks cooked today.
Baby J is around 16 inches long and over 3 pounds. The babe can turn its head side to side and the arms and legs are getting chunkier. The babe is heading for a growth spurt, and I can definitely tell.

6-21-11 ... 31 Weeks
We had a great Father's Day Weekend. Our small group from church came over for some pool time and BBQ chicken Mr. JCrew was so proud of himself for making. Saturday was an AMAZING day with such special people to share it with. It could not have been any more perfect!!

"THE" Cake
On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with both sides of our family and had more pool time with the little ones. It was such a big weekend, I was too excited to sleep. I crashed Sunday night and it was much needed.

How Far Along?: 31 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a four naval oranges together
Sleep?: Hard to get comfortable, but I can sleep well (when I'm not too excited to sleep)
Food Cravings?: none. Just drinking a lot and eating more snacks
Movement?: Tons! This baby does not need prodding anymore to get it to move. Baby J moves all around and doesn't stay in the same position very long. I feel a kick on my right, lower side, then I feel the baby roll around and kick in the total opposite direction. It's cute.
Gender?: I know, but I’m waiting to reveal it online until EVERYONE I’m close to knows.
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Seeing everyone's face when we found out Baby J's gender. We caught it on video and it is my most favorite thing right now.
Labor Signs: None.
Next Doctor’s Appt?: June 28th
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Being able to share with everyone what Baby J is.

My little sis went over the top with her presents. She wasn't able to be here this weekend, but she shipped a little package that came last night. Here's a snapshot of just a few (really, there was tons more.)
Don't get fooled!!! Remember: I plan to use blue for my girl.

And then she had her little chicks on the farm make a painting for Baby J. She's so creative and fun!! Baby J is lucky to have such a rocking Aunt!

Her chicks were her own "Baby J." The only difference is she kicked them to the barn at six weeks. I don't think I'll get that lucky.

I can't wait to share the news with you about Baby J.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Last year we made a veggie garden. It got flooded and we had one greenbean plant survive. That’s when we decided that this year’s veggie garden would be in a raised bed. We used the extra block from our project of building a seating wall and built a raised veggie garden.

Mr. JCrew is big into vegetables. It was his idea to create a garden. He even bought a book about it and has researched how to be successful. He really likes the idea of being self-sufficient. This mentality applies to everything. I love his way of thinking.

Last year we grew tomatoes. Neither one of us love tomatoes enough to eat all of them from the plant. So we had an abundance last year. This year’s crop includes squash.

Squash - May 2011

Squash - June 2011
Green Beans
Green Beans - May 2011

Green Beans - June 2011

Carrot Tops - June 2011

Carrot - June 2011

Cantelope Vine - June 2011
And Beets

Beets - May 2011

Beet -  June 2011

Beets - June 2011
 This is definitely a learning experience. We’ll see the yield we produce this year. Maybe next year we can make our own babyfood from our own yard!! We’ll see!
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