Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lanterns Are My Thing

Remember when I showed you the lanterns my mom hung on her porch? (here) I love those lanterns. I found them at Old Time Pottery. They had all these different sizes. I bought the larger size for my stone wall, but by the time I went back for the medium size, they were out. I only got one of the medium size.

Large Lantern on Seating Wall
Somewhere along in the thought process, I decided I wanted to hang a lantern by the back door. I put an electric candle with a timer in it.

This Lantern Came In White; I Painted It Brown.
I like this look just fine. But then I went and added another one. I guess I was trying to be symmetrical, like my mom’s look, but it did not work. I haven’t been happy with it and I’m still not feeling it.

It might be because the lanterns don’t match, but they also don’t match in regards to location. I’m thinking of removing the lantern on the pole and taking the lantern and replacing the lantern by the door with it. It would then match the other lanterns.

Favorite Lantern by Back Door
If I do go through with it, I’d need to remove the hook and fill the holes. Or maybe find something else to hang on the hook? I’m just stumped. Eventually my Jackson Vine will cover that hook and you won’t see what is behind there anyway.

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