Friday, July 29, 2011


Does your dog do this? Anderson buries himself in anything.
I was going through clothes that don’t fit anymore and made a pile. I couldn’t find Anderson. Sure enough, I call his name and he busted out of one of the piles!

Anderson snuggled himself under the laundry pile

Mr. JCrew has an ongoing battle with Anderson and blankets. Mr. JCrew requested a blanket for his birthday last year that would be all his own and he wouldn’t share with Anderson. I bought him a nice one from PB and Mr. JCrew loves to taunt Anderson with it. When he brings it out to snuggle in, Anderson gives him the puppy-dog eyes and Mr. JCrew just puts on the biggest smile and tells Anderson how comfortable it is. Boys!
I love both my snugglers. They just can’t share blankets.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You're My Favorite Chicken Dog

Colby Graham is secretly a chicken. Mr. JCrew is convinced. Instead of barking, he chuffs. It sounds like a chicken clucking. He has a real bark he makes, but he reserves it for special times.

With all the chuffing he does, we’re just waiting for it to end in a real chicken noise. Then his cover will be blown. He knew we wouldn’t fall in love with him if he was a chicken. He’s had a good disguise for the last two years.
Mr. JCrew has dubbed him “chicken-dog.” He says Colby is his favorite chicken in the whole world. Hope I have my video camera ready when he makes his debut as a chicken!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

36 Weeks

There are 36 inches in a yard. Thirty-six is the number of possible outcomes (not summed) in the roll of two distinct dice. If you score a perfect score on the ACT, you’ve scored a 36. A pipe wrench is 36 inches long.
Thirty-six and little boy is getting cramped. Normal 36-week babies are measuring a little over five pounds now and are 19 inches long. I’ve got a month or so left and little boy is just going to be packing on the weight. He can do everything a newborn can do right now with the exception of breathing.

7-26-11 ... 36 Weeks

I can’t wait for little guy to get here. I’m hoping work will keep me busy enough that the weeks will fly by. I’ve got work at work and work at home to take care of. By the end of this week, little boy will be considered full-term!! Hard to believe.
Over the weekend we had a soccer tournament Mr. JCrew played in and my friend’s Baby Party to go to. It was a fun, but HOT weekend. I’ve been surprisingly okay with the heat lately. It’s hot, but everyone thinks that, so I’m not out of the norm on my thinking. I haven’t had to crank up the AC and freeze Mr. JCrew out of the house yet. He’s a polar bear anyway, so I think he’d enjoy the colder temperatures if I did.
How Far Along?: 36 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a Crenshaw melon
Sleep?: I get tired so easily. I’ve started to slow down regarding to energy. I don’t feel as motivated because I’m tired, yet I know there is always something to do!
Food Cravings?: None. I eat anything in small doses and often.
Movement?: Wilks is still moving around a lot. He pushes and shoves. I feel feet poking out on my right side a lot. And when I wear a certain pair of pants to work, the elastic sits in a funny spot on my stomach, so he kicks the elastic band ALL DAY!
Gender?: It’s a BOY!!
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Imagining holding him and bringing him home. I’m ready!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are a common occurrence. I’m ready for the real contractions!!
Next Doctor’s Appt?: Tomorrow
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Seeing what the doctor says for my progress. I feel so close to the end, but I fear he’ll tell me little boy is snug and staying put for a long time.

Monday, July 25, 2011


My monogram lady has recently decided she will not take outside projects. L When my mom first moved here, we had the monogram lady monogram a pillowcase for my mom. My mom has another pillowcase she’d like done, but can’t. She then asked if I’d be willing to make an appliqué for her pillowcase. I was honored and said, “Yes.”
First, we had to find a fabric that blended all the colors on her bed. Mom also likes Paisley prints. We found the perfect match.

Next step was to get the right size for the appliqué. I tested a couple sizes and found a good size.

I learned my lesson on the onesies, that I need to iron on the fabric to the adhesive before I cut out the shape. I was fearful this would waste material, but it doesn’t anymore than the other.

Fabric with adhesive ironed on. Size of the "W" is all that is needed.
After the adhesive is ironed on, I trace and cut out the shape on the back of the fabric. This way your pen mark is not visible on the front side of the fabric.
I then measured ‘center’ on the pillowcase and ironed the appliqué into place.

It’s now time to put the pillowcase under the sewing machine and crank out the trim.

I set the stitch on a zigzag pattern on a tight setting. It gives it the look like I put it through a monogram machine, but it’s on my normal sewing machine.

I’m very happy with the result. Mom got her personalization taken care of and I got to use my sewing machine again. Win/Win.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Burp Cloths

While I was making onesies I discovered I also wanted to make burp cloths. I had a ton of burp cloths and really didn’t need any more, but I had extra fabric… and really, why not?
I made a couple for myself, but also made some for gifts. I’ll post the gift ones today in hopes that the girls won’t read this post until after their showers this weekend. (one is Saturday, the other in Sunday.)

I love ruffles, but since Little JCrew is a boy, I had to alter the ruffle to look manly. I like how it turned out.

With the “man-pleats” I cut a long piece of green fabric about an inch and a half wide. I hemmed the edges and have a one inch strip to start accordion folding.

I handmade the pleats and they took a couple minutes each to do. I held the pleats in place with straight pins.
I knew I was going to create several burp cloths, so I made a ton of pleated strips all at once. It made the process quick and easy.
The next step was cutting a piece of fabric to place along the middle of the burp cloth. My first three burp cloths I used the same method. I used the iron on adhesive to set the fabric middle on the burp cloth. I was nervous of it bunching if I didn’t. But that wasn’t the case. With my fourth burp cloth, I tried without the adhesive and it did just fine! Lesson learned. I hemmed the edges of the middle fabric and then sewed the ends to the burp cloth directly.

Next I placed the man pleat to the edge of the middle fabric. I did not sew the middle fabric edges down because I knew I would be sewing the pleats in the same location and didn’t need to duplicate.
I sewed the man pleat in place and then started a seam down the middle of the pleat to sew the pleat and the middle fabric onto the burp cloth.

I tried to take the needles out as I approached each one. It’s not good for the sewing machine to go over the needles, nor was it good for the tension.
Finished product is pretty; and I like it much better without the adhesive behind it. It’s much softer.

I then got another idea to switch up the orientation of the fabric. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow the strip of the burp cloth.

It’d be real cute to put a name on it, but this is just as good.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making My Own Onesies

I came up with a craft I have wanted to do ever since I found out I was pregnant. I love making things and especially love giving homemade gifts.
I had bought onesies myself and had fabric to use as well. I was just waiting to get started. I needed to know if Little JCrew was going to be a boy or girl so I knew what kind of shapes I'd be making.

I cut out my shapes from the fabric I had.

I used iron on paper to attach the fabric shapes to the onesie.

I finished all the shapes off with stitching. I originally planned on using ribbon too, but I didn’t.
It’s not professional, but I can say I made it for my lil babe!

I also hand-dyed some onesies in Evening Blue and Teal colors. 

Freshly dyed they were dark.


But they turned out perfect.

While dying, I dyed two t-shirts for gifts I was making. I then sewed on a dinosaur to one shirt and a rocket to the other. I think the boys will like them.

And I got to make a girl onesie and burp cloth as a shower gift for this weekend.

I had so much fun crafting. It might be my new go-to gift idea for babies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Refinishing A Table

We had a table growing up that I loved. We named it the “Kids’ Table” that was used for breakfast in the morning and for the overflow at family dinners. It was a lightly stained table with beautiful details. We had two red chairs that went with it and two natural chairs. I loved this table.
This table has been passed around in the family. My parents gave it to my oldest sister to use in her kitchen for her three girls. Then I got it when I moved into my current house.
I knew I wanted to use it in my breakfast area of the kitchen, but found a new purpose for the chairs. Since I had saddle stools are the kitchen island, I found shorter saddle stools for the new table.

The red chairs were placed alongside the console table I put behind the couch.

I found paisley pillows I sewed snaps on and a button in the center. They made perfect seat cushions.
Button sewn to make it look less like a pillow

Snaps to keep pillow on chair

Back to the kitchen table… The table was a pretty color, but it didn’t match the color of the kitchen cabinets. The table didn’t have to match perfectly, but I couldn’t leave it the color it was.
I took the idea from my dining room table and decided I’d keep the top of the table a natural color and paint the legs black. I had fun painting the legs, but I did not pick up a latex paint. I ruined my nicest paint brush!! I had forgotten to pay attention to that small detail. I learned my lesson!

(can you tell this was before we added the lighting in the bonus room? It was so dark!!)
I took the table downstairs and placed it in place in the kitchen.

I played with the placement.

It didn’t strike me as beautiful. It worked by itself but not when I put the saddle stools with it.
I then decided to stain the top to match the color of the saddle stools and paint the legs a lighter color to stand out.
I had come across a beautiful light blue before that I was trying to decide where to use. It’d be perfect for the legs. It went naturally with the green walls in the kitchen.
So, I painted the legs blue and stained the top of the table.

I love how the stained top turned out. It’s my favorite detail of the table. It still shows off the grain of the wood.

Close up view of table top
The table has been so useful. Guests use it to set their purses on when they come over or people actually use it to eat on when the dining room table is full. I imagine all of our little JCrew’s using it as their breakfast table as we get ready for school in the morning.
It’s a great table that is still going strong. I love it.

Paint: Freshaire Choice in 'Organic Garden' (Satin finish)
Stain: A walnut stain I did not use correctly. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

35 Weeks

Thirty-five is the minimum age of candidates for election to the United States Presidency. 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for both analog photography and motion pictures. My former and favorite company, Lockheed Martin, is designing and building the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) aircraft.
Thirty-five weeks and 35 days left! WHOA! I am getting so excited. I just sit and imagine what he’ll look like and how big he is inside me. I picture him being the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for him to be out!
7-19-11 ... 35 Weeks

Can’t say we did much in the last week other than cross more things off our to-do list. We did attend an all-day labor and delivery class on Saturday. It was a long, but useful day of information. Mr. JCrew and I both left feeling ready and anxious. We toured the hospital and loved it. Now I just have to send in my pre-registration paperwork for the hospital and pediatrician.
Baby boy is growing!! My stomach is definitely sticking out more. He’s probably five pounds by now. At my doctor’s appointment last week, the doctor took a guess that Little JCrew was 4.5 lbs. He still has a lot of room in there and makes my whole stomach move. He definitely recognizes his daddy’s voice and moves a lot when Mr. JCrew is talking/kissing him. It’s really cute to see.
How Far Along?: 35 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a honeydew melon
Sleep?:  I’m getting great sleep and I can’t get enough of it!
Food Cravings?:  None. I’ve been enjoying popcicles a lot.
Movement?: Still a lot. I don’t know how he does it, but he makes my whole stomach shift.
Gender?: It’s a BOY!!
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Seeing him react to Mr. JCrew’s voice.
Labor Signs: I think I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks for a while, just never knew that’s what they were. My stomach can get really firm for a little bit, but then turns back to jell-o. I just always thought it was because I was working out or just used my stomach muscles.
Next Doctor’s Appt?: July 26th
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: My dear friend’s baby bash this Saturday and Mr. JCrew’s soccer tournament this weekend.
I am so anxious for Little JCrew to get here. I can’t wait to meet him.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Idea

Tell me what you think… eventually I’d really like to upgrade the counters in the kitchen. Currently they are formica. Not the prettiest pattern, but I can live with it.

I’ve juggled the idea of Soapstone, recycled material, granite, corian, Zodiaq and all the other materials that can be a considered an upgrade compared to formica. They all have their advantages. I just can’t decide on color.
I’m usually good on color choices. It comes natural to me, but this counter decision is throwing me for a loop!

Giallo Ornamental

??, but I like

?? I like the lighter shade

Juperana Delicatus

Juperana Delicatus up close
When we update the counters, we will add a backsplash. I’ve found many blacksplashes I like, but will finalize my decision when I pick out a counter.

Travertine Brick (2x4)
larger tile pieces

Frosted Glass Tile
We will also upgrade the kitchen sink and faucet with the counters

I have LOVED this apron front sink with bridge faucet since the moment I laid eyes on it. If I could write love letters to it, I would… weekly. Telling it how I can’t wait for the day that we are together at last.

Okay, really. I love the sink and faucet. It’s unique and totally me.

Undercabinet lighting will also be installed with the new counters, along with a new dishwasher.

The kitchen island will also get un upgrade. I added the peg legs to it to make it look more like a piece of furniture, but it needs more details on the front side that you see from outside the kitchen. Maybe some "real" legs added to the overhang. I could also extend the island to allow one more person to sit at the bar and have one more cabinet and drawer added. All ideas, but I like dreaming.

My favorite kitchen island
This project is not in the near future, which gives me more time to pick a counter. But what do you think? What would cohesively go with our Pine Needle green walls and our pecan colored cabinets?
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