Monday, July 11, 2011


In last month's post, you saw tiny white flowers. Those tiny white flowers earned their placement in another part of the yard.

June 2011
These flowers come at you non-stop and grow rapidly. They got bigger than the pot I had them in last year and I knew then they’d be a great ground cover.

July 2011
Along with placing them in the new Arborvitae bed, I put them in the back yard for my own viewing pleasure.
There are a few blank spaces left in my back yard plan that can accommodate annuals.

Blank Space Near Pots
One spot I knew I wanted them was under the Lilac tree. I already have two pots there that have other annuals, and the view can be seen from the kitchen.

Filled In Blank Space
I just clustered them on either side of the pots.

July 2011
On the other side of the yard, I planted them in a snake-format that followed the curve of the bed.

Snake Pattern in Blank Space

I planted the Vinca May 4, 2011 and they are already booming. They are spreading and creating flowers at a rapid pace. I can’t wait until they fill in the gaps. I just love looking at them.

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