Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Weeks

I'm posting twice today because Little JCrew is 5 weeks old today and I can't not talk about it!!

Today I had my post partum checkup and I got to weigh myself holding Little Man and then without him. The difference? ... TEN POUNDS!! He's gained three pounds in five weeks. He hasn't missed a meal!

5 Weeks - bathtime

In the last five weeks, here are some noted changes:

- He can hold his head up really well while being held in your arms
- He smiled at me on Monday!! and coo'd
- He is a loud eater. His gulps can be heard across the house, and he hums as he catches his breath.
- He makes the funniest face when he is done eating.
- He recognizes Mommy and Daddy. Melts my heart
- His feeding times are stretching out to four hour span times. Sometimes he mixes a cluster feeding in there.
- We are both figuring each other out and it makes things so much nicer. :)
- He doesn't like to be woken up from a nap.
- His eyelashes have gotten so much longer
- He doesn't have any rolls on his arms or legs despite the weight gain. But his tummy is a pot belly!
- He enjoys bath time now. Can't wait for the splashes to come!
- His hair is getting longer.
- Those feet are still big!
- His toots are cute and funny. Chasing frogs, as I call it.
- His hands now reach and grab.
- He loves to cuddle and "hug" you.
- He loves going on walks with the puppies.
- He loves toys! We introduced toys to his activity time this week and he loves watching us play with his toys. Can't wait to watch him play with his toys.

5 weeks - Activity Time

I'm so proud of my little guy. He is my biggest accomplishment to date. I am so blessed with him and Mr. JCrew in my life. Happy Five Weeks, Little JCrew!!

5 weeks - Activity Time


We'll play the game of picking out the difference between pictures.

I mentioned that I changed little JCrew's room around. Not drastically, but just a little.

Remember the big boat painting on the wall?

This wall looked a little bare to me. The painting is large, but it still felt like it was missing something.

I made some little nautical-themed wooden plaque things to hang with frames around the big boat painting. The idea was good but once it was on the wall, I didnt like it. I didn't even get a picture of it all on the wall. But here's one of the layout.

I forgot I origibally bought shapes of nautical things to put on the wooden plaques, but then I decided they looked too childish, and my goal for this room is to be something he grows into... not outgrows.

Here is a picture of just the frames up... I didn't like this look, even after I added the plaques in between.

I then went back to brain storming and decided to move the big picture over and cluster the frames together... making another collage.

Now we get to play our game... The plaques needed a place to be hung, so I randomly stuck them throughout the room. One plaque still has yet to find a new home.




So, where can you see I added the plaques?

First two are a gator and shark outline I put over with the propeller.

Then I put the red North plaque over by the red buoy. I thought it went perfect over there.

I made an octopus plaque and hung it to complete the grouping with the "W" and the pulley. It's just not a grouping if there are only two things. I knew something needed to be added, but was waiting for the right thing.

I also filled in all the empty frames I had on the shelf. Now that little boy is here, his face is plastered everywhere. I can't get enough of him!

And those new frames I added on the wall have pictures of Little JCrew in them too.

Oh, and I almost forgot my birthday present. Mom got me a porthole lantern from PB that I hung in Little JCrew's room. I used a hanger I had laying around and used it for the lantern. It sticks out, but not too far.

So, there was my little rearranging project. I like it a lot better now. The room feels complete. Especially now that a Little JCrew is occupying it! ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Month

It's hard to believe Wilks is one month as of yesterday. Time has flown by.

He's surpassed being a sleepy newborn all the time... He wants to be entertained. Exercising his legs and arms as you sing is good enough for him. He flails those arms and legs and hits himself quite a bit.

His feeding schedule is getting better, with less cluster feedings. He does AWESOME at night but we were having to work on his day schedule.

He's done a lot for a 4-week-old. We've gone on many outings around town. He's watched his daddy play several soccer games and even went to his first high school football game. He behaved so well!

Life around our house is interesting. I'm so use to getting things started and completed. Little man likes to interrupt. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love him so much.

He's very close to talking and smiling back at me. I talk to him and he stares. A couple times he has attempted to smile and say something. I can't wait for the day he starts reacting to me and Mr. JCrew.

3 weeks

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Did I Know...

That Wilks would continue his growth spurt this week.

On Friday we had our newborn appointment with the pediatrician. We were shocked to hear his weight and height. He was 7 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches!!! I knew the constant feeding was for something. He also got his heal pricked. He was a good bleeder.

I've been lazy and posting from my laptop and iPhone recently, so pictures have not been added like promised. Soon... I do promise!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wilks is growing too fast!

I'm happy to report Wilks gained weight this week. he had dropped when we left the hospital and wasn't gaining. But he wasn't losing either. At Tuesday's appointment he was up above his birth weight! He and I both did a little happy dance.

I look at him now and think how much he's changed already. My little man lost his umbilical cord stump yesterday and has the cutest little belly button!!

I started back working this week and it's working out nicely. I didn't stay away for the full two weeks that I proposed, but I wanted to make sure this would work, so I was testing the waters. All seems to be good!

I plan on taking pictures today for his two-week milestone, but I havent done it yet today... so I will post a picture from last week's one-week shots.

I'm in love!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nothing Beats Being A Mommy

We've officially been home a week and we are still in love. At first, it was a very surreal feeling realizing I was a parent and this child was inside of me for so long. I actually miss being pregnant. I can't describe the sadness I feel when I reflect back on that time and think of the memories created. Mr. JCrew and I shared such special times being pregnant, and now they are gone. I quickly snap out of it and remember the heartburn, and then I don't miss being pregnant anymore. I can eat whatever now, and it doesn't affect me!! Yipee!

Wilks is a champ. He does really well with sleeping at night and is still a good eater. He's a strong little boy, too. I can't leave him alone anywhere. He's already rolling from his back to his side. He uses those long legs and arms to kick himself around.

He is still very alert and smiles in his sleep. A couple times he has smiled while awake, but he has no idea how to do it on command. I get excited and talk to him every time he does it, so we'll see if he gets the clues.

Mr. JCrew went back to work this week and we all missed each other very much. Mr. JCrew comes home and picks the little guy up and they veg on the couch for the evening.

It's hard to imagine leaving the little guy right now. He needs me so much, that I couldn't possibly go back to work this quick... yet, I am. Luckily, I'll be working from home so I can still be here for him 24/7.

That's it for now... I'll slowly get back on schedule with blogging. I updated Wilks' room, so I'll have to show you that. But for now, I'll leave you with a picture.

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