Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We'll play the game of picking out the difference between pictures.

I mentioned that I changed little JCrew's room around. Not drastically, but just a little.

Remember the big boat painting on the wall?

This wall looked a little bare to me. The painting is large, but it still felt like it was missing something.

I made some little nautical-themed wooden plaque things to hang with frames around the big boat painting. The idea was good but once it was on the wall, I didnt like it. I didn't even get a picture of it all on the wall. But here's one of the layout.

I forgot I origibally bought shapes of nautical things to put on the wooden plaques, but then I decided they looked too childish, and my goal for this room is to be something he grows into... not outgrows.

Here is a picture of just the frames up... I didn't like this look, even after I added the plaques in between.

I then went back to brain storming and decided to move the big picture over and cluster the frames together... making another collage.

Now we get to play our game... The plaques needed a place to be hung, so I randomly stuck them throughout the room. One plaque still has yet to find a new home.




So, where can you see I added the plaques?

First two are a gator and shark outline I put over with the propeller.

Then I put the red North plaque over by the red buoy. I thought it went perfect over there.

I made an octopus plaque and hung it to complete the grouping with the "W" and the pulley. It's just not a grouping if there are only two things. I knew something needed to be added, but was waiting for the right thing.

I also filled in all the empty frames I had on the shelf. Now that little boy is here, his face is plastered everywhere. I can't get enough of him!

And those new frames I added on the wall have pictures of Little JCrew in them too.

Oh, and I almost forgot my birthday present. Mom got me a porthole lantern from PB that I hung in Little JCrew's room. I used a hanger I had laying around and used it for the lantern. It sticks out, but not too far.

So, there was my little rearranging project. I like it a lot better now. The room feels complete. Especially now that a Little JCrew is occupying it! ;)

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