Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Collage

I mentioned last week that I was picking up my maternity pictures. I found oversized white frames and a blank wall to fill.

I've seen the oversized white frames in Pottery Barn, but the price tag was a little steep. However, I liked the variety of sizes to choose from.

Pottery Barn Wood Gallery Oversized Mat Frames

The wall space available is 102 inches wide. I played with the layout of the frames I was trying to stay wthin 70 inches total for the collage. I must have come up with 30 diferent configurations, but none seemed to be the one.

Part of the problem was that all the prints I picked were in the landscape orientation. I honestly thought I picked out one portrait oriented print. So. I was having trouble making all the landscape frames work in a group.

So, we mixed in a couple non-frame pieces.

I then started hanging the pictures. I was talking to Mr. JCrew when I started and miscalculated the measurements and started hanging the pictures six inches too far to the right. I didn't realize this until I was hanging the last picture on the bottom row and saw the extra space I had to the left.

oops! too far to the right.

I took down all the frames and moved them over six inches. Luckily, it was for only four frames. Once the whole collage was up, there was only two holes that I have to touch up.

I really like the final result. Perfect placing too. You can see the whole collage through the doorway from the bathroom.

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