Monday, October 31, 2011

Updating An Old Friend

Growing up, I had a favorite rocking chair. Even as I got older, I loved rocking in it. It had the smoothest rock to it. I can remember it putting me to sleep.

And it still does! Mom handed the rocking chair down to me when I moved into my condo. When we moved into the house, the chair made its home in the living room. It was just waiting for little JCrew's to rock!

The original upholstry is a beautiful, yet simple print. It's a simple blue with a dark brown and tan accents.

Through the years it has taken some beatings, but nothing was as bad as when puppies chewed on the skirt. I'm not sure which puppy did it. It could have been a combination of all the puppies we've had and they each tore up the corner just a little more than the last.

Mom kept suggesting that we get it re-upholstered. But getting the whole chair recovered would be expensive. Then she had an idea she got from the Paula Deen collection, where we could update the skirt and possibly the edge of the cushion. It would use a different print but would be tied in.

We went to the fabric store and took a piece of the blue fabric from the chair and a green pillow from the couch with us. The new print we were going to use would have to go with both colors.

Mom made the new skirt. I was so impressed with her skill!!

We decided against updating the cushion because it would be too much. Instead, we made a pillow to rest on the chair. This would tie in the skirt and not look like we replaced the skirt only becaused it was ruined.

Look at the detail. The piping looks amazing!

And since there was still extra fabric left over, we made another pillow for the couch. There was only enough material for one, but it still looks good.

I love the updated chair.


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