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A Tribute To Our General (6/12/97 - 11/18/11)

Our “General” of the house, Bailey Longfellow Wilkinson-Jenson, has gone to puppy heaven.  He was fourteen and a half years old.

Bailey came into my life just before my 15th birthday. He was given to me by a family friend that bred dachshunds with us. Bailey’s dog-mom had the ability to “smile.” I was hoping Bailey would get that trait, but he did not. He did get the ability to sit up and balance on his tail. He loved to sit for his Poppy and beg for scraps.
August 1997
Bailey was not your typical dachshund. He never barked! I honestly think in his lifetime he barked a total of five times; and that is rounding up! He was not a licker either. As much as I tried to teach him how to give kisses, he refused. I appreciated this characteristic as I got older. Colby, on the other hand, would give kisses to Bailey! He was Bailey’s dentist. He liked to lick Bailey in the mouth.

Bailey loved everyone! He didn’t favor anyone like dachshunds normally do. He was my dog and he knew that, but he shared his love. When I went off to college, Bailey bounced around, living with one sister, then the other sister, then my parents, and finally back with me when I moved into my condo and was allowed to have pets. There were several times I snuck Bailey in my apartment to live with me for a week at a time. I would take him out the back door entrance to let him out. I never got caught and Bailey was happy to be with me!
He loved road trips!
When I got Bailey, we already had three dogs; one dachshund and two golden retrievers. Bailey thought he was a big dog. He was raised with so many people and animals, that he had a hard time adjusting to being my only pet when I moved away. It was when he was ten years old, that I got him his little brother, Anderson.
Bailey and Anderson

Anderson definitely made Bailey’s hair turn grey. Anderson wore Bailey out. The two of them were inseparable. Bailey was so patient to teach Anderson the ways; yet Anderson didn’t learn Bailey’s patience. I have video of them chasing each other in the office of my condo.  They used their dogbed as a racing ramp.
Bailey and Anderson

Bailey stuck to himself most of the time. He didn’t beg for attention or crowd you on the couch. His favorite place to sit was in my lap when I sat Indian-style on the floor. He was not a needy dog. He just asked for a biscuit two times a day and punctuality with meal times. He let you know when meal-time was approaching; sometimes giving you an hour’s notice! He loved to eat. I caught him so many times eating my food. He tried to be so sneaky! Once, he ate my sub sandwich. He didn’t want me to find out, so he ate the paper wrap too! He can’t help seeing food and not eating it. His new little brother, Colby, has resorted to growling to protect his food.  Colby is a picky and slow eater. He’ll eat some and then leave his bowl. Bailey takes advantage of this and will finish Colby’s bowl without asking. No matter how many times we correct Bailey, his dementia sets in and he eats the leftovers from Colby.
Bailey Exploring Monte Sano

Bailey Exploring the New Condo

Bailey got the nickname, “Wide End” from my little sister. Bailey was “heavier” than any of our other dachshunds and his rear-end was a chucky one. He was a stocky guy with a regal prance. His gate could have won him awards. He was so proper!

Bailey's "Wide End"
As Bailey got older, his eyesight and hearing diminished. He didn’t remember where he was and would get stuck in the weirdest places.
Places Bailey has gotten stuck:

·         Under the dining room table
·         Under the dining room chair
·         Under the stroller
·         Behind the open bedroom door
·         Tried to climb up the bookcase
·         Behind the open door of his cage (he on the outside)
·         Between the console table and chair behind the couch
·         The corner of Wilks’ bedroom
·         Behind the master bathroom toilet
When he gets stuck, you find him just sitting there, not making a sound. Only a few times did he holler to get out.

Bailey Wearing His Sweater the Wrong Way
For the last year, he walked around the house and cried. He thought everyone had left him, so he walked around the house crying until he found us and stopped. It was as if we scared him.

Anderson, Jackson and Bailey
There were days that were rough on Bailey. Yet, you’d see him take off skipping into the yard and realize he was happy! He’d even do his skipping in the house as he tried to get the other dogs to join. He was such a happy dog and had such a long and happy life!

Getting His Pedicure
We make fun of his dementia right now. Bailey is the instigator for starting all the dogs to howl once we have left and close the garage door. We speak for Bailey and say that he gets scared and is screaming for our neighbors to help him. Because of his dementia, he tells Anderson and Colby that we’re not coming back. He can’t remember when we last came home, nor the last time he ate, so he starts howling for help! We laugh thinking about that going through his head.

Bai and Anderson
Bailey was the gentlest dog I’ve ever had. He was always the dog we volunteered to be pet by neighborhood kids. He loved every stranger and loved life. He was the perfect dog, even at his old age.

All I wanted was for Bailey to live long enough for Wilks to meet him. I only wish he could have made it long enough for Wilks to remember him.
Wilks and Bailey
Bailey Loved Wilks

Colby Loved His Bailey
Our General will be remembered as our favorite. It was a tough day to see him go.


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  1. girl i'm so sorry to hear this. i know that you are sad about him going. love ya


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