Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cheer 2011

Thanksgiving snuck up on me and now Christmas has done the same! Anticipating the busy-ness of the season, I decorated before we left for Thanksgiving.
Our outside decorations are the same as last year.
We put bows on the lanterns.

We hung wreaths I made last year.

The wreath that hangs from the upstares window lights up at night.

And the poinsiettas are in their pot

Last year I had red mums in the front bed and they were awesome. That was because I couldn’t find enough of the deep red pansies I wanted last year. So this year, I looked early and found the deep red in higher quantity. I planted them but I’m disappointed… you can’t see them!! They also have not done as well as the pansies I planted in pots.

Inside the JCrew house, we decorated differently. Neither Mr. JCrew nor I were in the mood for the big tree. My problem was having to move the rocking chair out of the living room when I use it for Little JCrew. Mr. JCrew did not want to lug the pieces from the attic and put it together. I have since found a spot I would like to put the big tree in future years, but we have yet to find a tree that does not come in pieces.
So, this year, we found a four-foot tall tree and put it on our end table in front of the window. We bought colored lights because I just knew Little JCrew would find them cooler than the white lights. The only down-side is I didn’t get the ones that twinkle!

Little JCrew already has three presents under the tree. We plan to stick with the three present rule to keep in line with the three wise men and their gifts. 

The stockings are hung on the fireplace and the staircase.

Now we just need to remind Mr. JCrew to fill them up!!
We even added real garland to the fireplace

The garland was so long, I split it with my mom. But even after splitting it, it was still too long. I then looped it around a couple times.

I added ornaments to spruce it up.

I brought out my jingle bells and filled a couple vases with them.

The Christmas tree may be a tad small this year, but I like it! I’ll wait until the kids are old enough to help decorate it, and then I’ll pull the big one out for a couple years, and then when they get older, it will be back to the small tree.
I love this time of year. And decorating. The neighbors do a great job getting in the spirit. If I had a big house, I would decorate like this neighbor…

I’m in love with those nutcrackers!!!

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