Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifty Project #2

We’re still going strong on not spending a whole lot on projects. What I end up doing is saving a little of my extra money that I save on bills to spend on the small amount of supplies I need for my project.
This project cost me $3. The cost of a pack of binder rings.

I’m the sentimental type and I keep all Christmas cards, birthday cards and ‘Thank You’ cards given to me.  I found this idea on Pinterest. Take the Christmas cards from 2011 and punch two holes in each card. Thread a binder ring through each hole of the stack of Christmas cards.

Close the binder rings and you’re left with a book for the year of 2011.

I made a book for 2011, 2010 and 2009.

I love looking back at each year and seeing how families grow. Babies are added and children grow up. I love it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifty Project #1

I don’t know if you checked about my Projects tab recently, but I mentioned that my Project Budget is currently zero for the 2012 calendar year. Dave Ramsey has us buckling down saving right now, and until we hit the recommended mark, I can’t have my normal project funds. L
This does not put a damper on my design attitude. In fact, lately I’ve been having the itch to find projects to do. Even without the money, I’m looking to be resourceful in what I can do.
My first thrifty project cost me the can of spray paint. I had an old clock in my office that had a brown border. It was really ugly, yet I liked the clock.

I switched jobs in January (which was part of the reason why January ran away from me) and I haven’t hung the clock back up in my new office. I miss my clock. It’s not the same thing looking a the clock on my computer. I even added the clock with hands on my desktop to the screen that didn’t have the clock (does that make sense?) But it STILL wasn’t the same.
I kept looking at my desk from afar and knew that I needed to hang my clock back up. That’s when I decided to give my clock a facelift. Something bold and bright!

I’m really into bold accents, yet I can’t get brave enough to do them. It requires a lot to step forward and do it. I tend to be more bold with my d├ęcor choices at work. (Interesting realization.) Would you believe I had a can of orange spray paint ready? But somehow I ended up with the light blue. It still pops out, but wasn't as crazy as I was orginally trying to go.
The key to spray painting is light and even coats. It may take several coats, but allow it to dry and paint again until you get the desired shade.
1 Coat

This is what one coat looks like. Brown is hard to cover up. You can't tell from this picture that the blue has some brown showing through.

3rd Coat
We’re getting warmer.

And there you have it; my finished clock to go in my office. I snuck a picture of the finished product hanging in my cublicle. Snazzy!

Project #1 on a budget success!

Next up, touching up the outdoor lanterns... Just waiting for the weather to warm up.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Little JCrew LOVES to dance in his jumperoo. I call his particular dance move the running man.

In this video, he did not get too wild, but he gets carried away with his dancing.

I love it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Is Five (5) Weeks Away!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to trim back your crepe myrtles, border grass and daylilies. I know the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter, but I don’t know about your area, but our area had such warm weather that some flowering trees have already started blooming!
With the cold front that came through this weekend, I’m hoping the trees aren’t hurt and my daylilies that already started coming back will survive. Luckily, none of my trees have tried to bloom yet.
Hard to believe I trimmed my crepe myrtles back in November/December.

I planted these trees when they were just sticks! It has been a daunting task to shape them into trees as they grow.

It is a cheaper way to go (buying smaller trees), but unless you have the time to constantly trim, then I would just buy the bigger ones that the nursery has already shaped into trees.
My goal is to have these trees be tree trunks all the way up to the top of the fence. Then the branches will be full above the fence.

This year might be the year that the trees will be taller than the fence! They are slowly getting there and I keep pruning the lower branches.
I’m so excited for Spring!!! This winter has lasted long enough.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pumkin Pie

I get so sad when pumpkin is not available all year round. It gets so hard to find. So this year I stocked up. I couldn't wait to make my pumpkin recipes all year. I was craving pumpkin pie, and I made it!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guess Who?

Does the bathing suit give it away?

We go weeks at a time where he looks like one of us, then the next week he really looks like the other parent. He’s definitely a blend.

Now to figure out his eye color!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's That Kind of Day

A cold front came through and it's freezing. We haven't used the fireplace all winter, but today we did.

So cozy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

We Love Babies!

This past weekend, Little JCrew and I went to a baby shower for our dear friend, Kelly. We got all dressed up. (When I say "we," I mean the boy)

He behaved so well for missing his afternoon nap.

Kelly had an awesome turnout and received so many useful gifts.

Add caption

Her mother-in-law made a quilt for baby boy to play on.

This was the back of the quilt.
And for the craft of the day, they made scrapbook pages for Kelly.

The Jenson House is very happy for you, Kelly! February 29th won't get here soon enough!

And the part Wilks looked forward to...

Seeing his best friend, Caitlin!

Wilks loves Caitlin's bows. She is such a cutie!

After the shower, we met up with Mr. JCrew's family.

It was such a fun weekend! Now, onto another week at work!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hanging Out to Dry

Oh, WOW! I am so sorry to have left you guys hanging for so long. It's been a whirlwind of a month and January is gone!

Let me catch you up.

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Little JCrew actually pulled at the paper on his presents.

He was a big helper in baking a cake with me.

At his four month doctor's appointment, we were given the go-ahead to give him food. He eats bananas, cereal, carrots, pears, cantelope, strawberries and loves peas! But his overall favorite is bread! Now that he knows we are eating, he gives us the puppy eyes to say, "Please share." And how can we not!?!

The kid found his feet and he helps us with his diaper changes. When he is sitting up, he reaches down to touch those toes.

The kid is a ham and laughs all the time. Anderson can sleep on the couch and Little JCrew busts out the giggles! Nothing sweeter than belly laughs. :)

We celebrated Aunt Kendal's birthday by sending her a picture card.
This was at 21 weeks and Little JCrew was able to sit on his own. However, we had a couple bloopers.

Oops! Down we go. I'm sorry to laugh at my baby, but it was cute. He now catches himself before falling, which is making rolling over not as fun anymore. Before he knew how to catch himself, he rolled over a lot. Now he knows how to prevent the rolling.

And here we are at present day. Nothing gets by this boy. He is aware of EVERYTHING! He reaches for it all and studies intently. It is such a fun age, and I know it gets better; but nothing is better than this right now!

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