Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Night

How did you spend your Friday evening? My night was exciting, but probably not by everyone's standards.

It started off with baking a cake. Not just any cake, but a cake from my childhood; chocolate sheet cake. I can't wait to take a bite!

The other part of my night involved wood!!

There is a lot of building going on in the neighborhood lately and we gathered up some pallets. They're going to be used for my next project.

I tried so many ways to pull the wood off without splitting it into pieces. The nails kept splitting the wood. So then I decided to use my saw to cut the pallets apart.

But, the pallet wood won't be enough, so I bought my wood (my request for a Mother's Day present!) My Friday night was spent sanding and staining with Earl Grey tea.

You can't tell they are stained, but it is just step one in the "aging" process.

Next up is using a tester piece for step 2. Hopefully the rain won't interfere.

Hope you have a great weekend and all the mother's are treated special!

- Lindsay

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