Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Tour

We had a warm spell that came through in March and brought everything to life!!

Nana Jenson gave me some iris' last year before we found out the gender of Little JCrew. She said they would bloom the color of the gender (blue.) They didn't bloom last year, but this year they are!

A week later, more blooms appeared!!

The roses are doing well this year.

I just love smelling them. They are their prettiest after the first bloom of the season. This weekend I trimmed them all back and expect to see another round of blooms soon.

The fringe trees had a short bloom time this year.

And the crepe myrtles came back sooner than last year because of the heat.

I am so thankful I put in the hard work before the baby came. Now I get to sit back and enjoy!

Happy Spring/turned Summer! The heat came too early this year.

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