Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrifty Project #4

A new tab was added!

Onto the fourth project! This one involved assembly to take the picture. However, the actual project
won’t be complete until October of this year. There is one thing missing from this picture… the baby!

Thrifty Project #4 will be Little JCrew #2! He or she will be even thriftier than their older brother. Since
they will be 14 months apart, all the items we have for Little JCrew #1 will be ready and waiting for Little
JCrew #2.

Woohoo! I’m going to become one thrifty momma! At times it is scary to think about; yet I really am
excited! I’ve wanted to have them close in age. I think it would be great! Mr. JCrew and I have learned a
lot about ourselves in the past five years… we don’t do anything the easy way! HA! We’re willing to do the hard stuff up front to make life easier in the long run. I hope it pans out as planned!
Already got us a double stroller for our walks and soccer games!

There you have it! We’re turning this family into a real Crew now!

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