Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby B Bedding Update

I mentioned that Baby B had two sheets that were opposites, but I only showed you one sheet. That's because the other was backordered.

It finally came!

Little elephants! While Little JCrew's animal is alligators, Baby B's animal will be elephants. I figured having the boys this close together we'll have some situations that will be similar to twins. We'll have two of the same thing, but with an animal on it to represent who's is who's. We'll see if this works.

- Lindsay

Friday, June 29, 2012

Snuggle Up

Oh, how I wish this happened on the weekends! Little JCrew fell back asleep after he nursed early this morning. I did too, and when I woke up, I saw these handsome faces next to me.

I was even able to get out of bed and get ready while he continued to sleep!

He's a morning person, so this is rare!

I'll be back later with an update on Baby B.

- Lindsay

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Breakfast In Bed

Poor Little JCrew has his sixth tooth coming in. He's not happy about it, but still acts well considering.

Yesterday, I treated him to Cheerios in bed! The boy is a snacker and doesn't turn down food. Plus, I think it helps him with the toothache.

My hand is stuck!

Got some.


Here, you eat one, Daddy!


Have a great Wednesday!

- Lindsay

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boys and Messes

I've learned a lot being married and living with the man. One of those things is how to let go and not make a big deal out of small stuff.

I can be so picky and anal that I think I annoy myself! Mr. JCrew puts up with my silly butt. In my mind, if I don't tackle something right that minute, it will be forgotten. And if it's forgotten, it can be disastrous! Haha!

For instance, this morning I found little handprints on a wall. Greasy handprints. At first I thought they were Little JCrew's but then realized they were too high to be his. I got out the cleaner and started wiping. I was on my way out the door for work, but had to clean first!

Had it been Mr. JCrew that saw these prints, he would have left them. Honestly, he probably would have never seen them, EVER! That's why I think this picture is funny!

I walk into the breakroom at work and see this...

Papertowels on the floor where someone dropped ice from the ice machine and they melted.

I've walked into the house and seen a random papertowel in the middle of the floor numerous times.

Sometimes I laugh, but I wonder why it is just sitting there. Usually it was because the little one spit up or spilt something and Mr. JCrew didn't have time to pick it up; but he at least marked the spot.

I just don't know what my co-worker's excuse was for this. I clean up the towels and the mess left behind; after I went back to my desk to get the camera!

It definitely gave me a good laugh!! Made me feel at home!

- Lindsay

Monday, June 25, 2012

Little JCrew #2's Nursery

Before I knew the gender of Little JCrew #2, I already had a vision for the nursery. I envisioned a gray crib with turquoise and orange accents. I thought it was gender neutral and if the baby was a girl, the orange would act as my pink.

I was really weighing the option of refinishing the crib. If I could find the right bedding, I could possibly not have to finish the crib.

My vision then started changing to just a gray and white theme. The green room has a lot of bright colors already in it, and I didn’t want the colors to compete.

I forget what I googled, but I came across this fabulous site. (Carousel Designs.) I at first was only looking at their fabric selection, thinking I would make a crib sheet. I found so many fabric options I liked.

My fabric swatches show that I changed my color pallet yet again! Green somehow snuck itself in there instead of turquoise.

Later, I googled crib sheets and the search pulled up the same site (but I didn’t realize it.) I was recognizing the fabric selection and thought it odd that I found a site that was using the fabrics I was just looking at. Doh! I soon realized I had been lead back to the site I was just on and they have crib sheets, preventing me from having to make my own!

I fell in love with quite a few, but the price tag was steep.

While browsing the website, I found the coolest feature EVER! An interactive designer! I could pick whether I wanted a bumper, what fabric I wanted to use, how long of a crib skirt I wanted, etc. And not only could I change the fabric choices, but I could pick the flooring (Wood/carpet) the wall color and the crib color!! I was able to recreate my room! You can even remove the crib side to see the fabric better, or keep it up so that you can get a good visualization.

I played with different color combinations.

Then I played with the look of a navy crib!

I even kept the natural color crib look.

But I kept going back to the gray look, so I played with the picture and made a new one with a gray crib. (There wasn’t a gray crib option. Which I think they should add!)

Once I turned the crib gray in the picture, my mind was pretty made up. Just needed confirmation from the Hubs.

I created a picture with the room that had a swatch of the quilt on the bed that would be next to the crib. It was my goal to keep the room "as is." The wall color would not change and the bedding and furniture would stay. I made my rendition have the correct wall color and mimicked the color of the pallet wall. I wanted to make sure everything was cohesive.

Once I picked the bedding design, I was close to ordering the fabric to make the bed skirt, when my mom suggested using ribbon detail instead. We already had a queen-size bedskirt Mom would cut to crib size. She found different widths of ribbon to put together in gray and white, with an accent ribbon of pink or turquoise.

We were just waiting to see what the gender was so we would know which detail would be used. (We liked the pink ruffle!!)

I wasn’t sold on the turquoise ribbon we found, so I set out to find more. I found a lot of good options.

Then I found the ruffle ribbon in turquoise!!

We then played around with the different combinations.

Because the ribbon detail would be hidden when the mattress was raised, we made two different ribbon details on the same skirt. One would be seen while the other was hidden for each mattress level.

The complete bedskirt
Bedskirt with mattress in high position

Bedskirt with mattress lowered

When it came to sheets, I kept it simple with the gray and white. One sheet is predominantly gray and the other is more white. That way I have a different look with each.

I am very happy with the end result. It is not the perfect designer room you dream of, but I work with what I've got. That's my whole purpose.

Hopefully, Baby B will love his bed. I find every excuse to walk by!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby B at 23 Weeks

A little update I thought would be fun.

Baby B is definitely growing and letting me know where he is at. There is a lot of movement going on.

I got my first stranger comment a week ago. I was with mixed company at work and we were checking into a building. Only one person in the crowd knows about this baby. The lady checking us into the building asks me when I'm due and cradles her belly. I whispered quietly that the baby will be here in October. At the time, I was not ready for all to know and was hoping everyone was too busy to listen. Having a stranger comment tells me that I officially can't hide it anymore.

Here's a look at what ten weeks did to the belly.


And it feels good that I finally told my company boss today. Now I feel I can let anybody know. All is good. I honestly was nervous about telling my bosses since I started a new job. I practically started the job and got pregnant in the same week! I was sweating bullets having to tell, but everyone is fine!

Here is a look at a comparison of my pregnancy at 23 weeks with Baby J and 23 weeks with Baby B. Very close!

Off to go eat dinner with the kid and my hubby.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blabber Mouth

Some people might think I am quiet, and for the most part I am! That's why I have enjoyed being married to a "talker." I just get to sit back and listen. He can carry a conversation for days; however he does appreciate if I initiate conversation sometimes.

That's why it is no surprise that Little JCrew is a talker already!! He loves to talk to people 50 feet away. This means he is yelling to get their attention! And every morning after he is finished eating breakfast, he leans over to tell the dogs hello!

In the video below, he is talking to our neighbor, Sam. Sam has been doing a lot of landscaping lately and yesterday Little JCrew was trying to talk to him while he was working. I wonder what he was trying to tell him? "Sam, the tree looks great!" or "Sam, you want my dad to help?"

He makes me smile for sure!

- Lindsay

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Beach In Pictures

Last weekend we were at the beach. Through the rain we were able to sneak out to the water. Little JCrew was in awe of the waves and sand. Can't wait to take him back!

The sun's not so bright.

We had some great cuddle time.

We watched Daddy play soccer on the beach

We felt the sand between our toes.

Lick the spoon clean ... err, shovel. Hey, that's not sugar!

Jellyfish were everywhere.

But it sure was beautiful.

My buddy.
Hold on tight!

Mommy and Little JCrew

Family Picture

Crayons for dinner!

Helping Daddy shovel sand.

Trying to build my own castle.

Baby feet!

Listening to Daddy.

Crawling in the water.

Wet sand is different.

I love how he holds onto us.

Playing in the sand with Mommy.

Going for deeper water.

Nevermind. Didn't want to go that far.

Daddy and Little JCrew under the palm trees.
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