Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pallet Project Reveal!

Finally! I have been dying to share this with you. Thank goodness I could share it with my mom in the meantime and she wouldn’t tell. I was just bursting with too much excitement to keep it hidden this long from everybody!

This project was dreamt up by an image I saw on Pinterest. I fell in love with it. I actually saw other ideas, like this one

This One

Bower Power
This one

Shabby Nest
But, it wasn’t until I saw this picture

Owen's Olivia
Then I fell in love and made up my mind. 

The task would be a big one. A decision I bounced back and forth. “How heavy would this be?” “This is permanent! Taking it down, would mean replacing the drywall.” “What would I do with the space when the crib was removed?”  All these questions needed to have answers before I could proceed.

I first had to find pallets, and when I did, I was disappointed in the quality. I had never heard, or seen, blue pallets before, but they are suppose to be the best. However, they’re BLUE! I’d have to heavily paint them! Blue pallets are hard to find because people can turn them back in for good money to be reused. I finally saw them, in a huge pile, strapped in a guy’s truck. He must have been turning them in for cash. He had about 20!
So, I asked for wood for Mother’s Day and I treated the new wood to make it look old (as I shared in this post) I was really pleased with the colors they turned out to be. It wasn’t really my vision (I was trying to duplicate my inspirational photo) but it went with the room!

Last look at the bare wall

Then came time to start laying them out on the wall!

I did not randomly place these wood pieces on the wall. I actually measured the walls and then created a pattern. (Yes, I have a nerd-side to me.)

Excuse the wood glue on this drawing

Once I figured out the lengths of the boards, it made it easy to calculate the amount of wood I needed and the cuts to make. Had I not had this step done, there could have been a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted wood.

I used drywall screws and wood glue to start layering the wood. I even measured the placement of each screw on the boards to make it look uniform. It’s little details that make all the difference.
The first wall went up slowly. I had Little JCrew “helping” me. Then the second wall went up faster with Little JCrew’s help once again.

The finished wall was awesome! I was really happy with it. 

As you can see, the crib did not go with the new wall.

Now with the crib painted, I could reveal the final product in its entirety and you wouldn’t be turned off by the non-matching wood!

If you notice in the last picture there was one finishing detail to the wall… a ledge.

In my inspiration picture, they finished it off with a ledge, and I liked the idea. That ledge now has “things” on it, but that will be another post for another day.

Oh, and to answer the question of what we will do with the space when the crib disappears; it will turn into a homework area. I’ve been wondering where I would put a desk and this seems like the perfect spot. 

The pallet wall definitely creates its own section of the room that separates itself.

Hope you like the look! Soon there will be a post about Baby Boy's bedding and then you'll get a glimpse of the whole look together.

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  1. i thought that might be what you were doing. i am in love with it. it is truely amazing my nerd friend. you did an awesome job. now you can come and diy my house. :) can't wait to see it in person in a week or so


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