Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things People Say

Pregnant women are not fond of being told they look further along than they are. And parents don't like to hear their child is "off the charts" with regard to height or weight.

I have gotten really good at biting my tongue; partly because I know people talk to hear themselves or just make conversation. But what makes them survive a comment back is that I know they are not speaking the truth.

With Little JCrew, I waited to tell people I was expecting for a long time. I was lucky to hide the pregnancy and many would have never guessed. And I was fortunate that the last month of the pregnancy I measured behind, so I was never huge!

With Baby B's pregnancy, I also waited to tell people. Work only found out two weeks ago, and I only told two people there. Everyone else is still clueless. Yet some people I told at 13 weeks and they said they could totally tell! Honestly?? I know the second pregnancy you show sooner, and I think I did, but not obvious! Luckily, it's not everyone that says these things, but why tell a pregnant women they are bigger than normal? I think I've got it good, but I feel for the women that get the comments religiously! (Clarification: I do not get comments that I am big. I just feel for those that do.)

And as for big/small babies... Every momma is concerned about their baby's progress. Little JCrew was born tiny, but quickly caught up. He was never off the charts, but I got "bets" that he was!! I will say, I much rather him be larger than smaller. If he had stayed small, I'd be bombarded with comments that I was starving him!

He had his 9-month appt today and all was awesome. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height!! Awesome!! He eats great and he got his finger pricked to see if he was anemic because we still breastfeed. His number was up, so he is not!! He still has his heart murmur, but the Dr is just still monitoring it. Nothing to note right now.

I'm just so thankful for a healthy baby. I don't mean to rant or get wound up, but sometimes there are comments that need to be kept to themselves. Just remember who you are talking to and if what you're about to say may come across wrong. You're entitled to say what you want, but you've been warned! Maybe I'm just a hormonal mom right now; not a good combination! Ha!!

Happy Wednesday!

- Lindsay

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