Monday, June 4, 2012

Thrifty Project #5

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not an update to my mystery pallet wood project. It does however involve the leftover pallet wood being put to good use. 

Little JCrew is very curious and into everything. He loves all things buttons! So, of course, the cable box at my parents’ house is an appealing object!

Mom pinned on Pinterest possible projects made from pallet wood and one of those was a crate. 

I have a crate hanging in my bathroom.

I then volunteered to make a crate to put her cable box in to make it out of reach for Little JCrew.

When I cut apart the pallets, it made uniform pieces either 18 inches or 18.5 inches long. I needed the inside of the crate to be 17 inches wide, so this length was perfect.

I then cut some of those pieces shorter, and went to town creating my sides of the crate.

Once all the sides were done, it was time to piece it together. I used wood glue and screws to put all the pieces together.

This project was actually fun to make. We could have bought a crate, but we actually couldn’t find any.

When I took the crate over to my parents’ house, the weight of the crate scared us. The crate would be hanging on the wall, and this was not light wood. My dad then took the box slightly apart and made it shorter to try and reduce the weight.

Now my mom’s cable box is safe from little fingers!

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