Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adding a Little Green

Back when I was daydreaming of my future wedding, I came across a beautiful plant.

I saw this and knew immediately that it was what I wanted for the centerpieces of my tables at the wedding reception.
Fast-forward to today and it is the centerpiece to my table in the kitchen. It's a Maidenhair Fern. They are dainty with tiny stems that are tough.

I just love this plant. The first one I ever got was small and in a pot in the living room. It didn't do too well there because of the lack of sunlight.
What use to be in the kitchen was the silver dollar maidenhair fern that I found at a local nursery. I fell in love with its uniqueness.
Maidenhairs are extremely high-maintenance. They have to be watered JUST right. I was so proud that I kept my silver dollar maidenhair alive for almost two years. But once baby came, my attention was pulled and the plant slowly faded to its death.
When I decided that I could have the time to take care of it again, I went back to the nursery to get another. However, they didn't have any. They don't keep any during summer because it is even hard for the nursery to care for them in the summer. I'll just have to wait til Fall.
Yet, I'm debating now whether to get another. The silver dollar maidenhair is beautiful, but messy. The leaves produce this sticky substance that kept getting on my tablerunner and table. I was constantly washing and cleaning the mess. SO, maybe I'll stick with the ordinary maidenhair. She's a beaut!

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