Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby B at 26 weeks

Reporting to you today from the road. I am still away at work and today will be a long day. Even though I didn't have a little one with me, I still didn't get good rest.

That's because Baby B is a night owl! He woke up and was VERY active at bed time. No position I got in was comfortable to him; and he let me know! I was getting frustrated. I think I was so exhausted that I ignored him and miraculously fell asleep.

My picture at 26 weeks is from the hotel. The weeks are starting to blur together. I have to look up how far along I am.

It's been fun watching people learn that I'm expecting. Some comment how 'quick' it took me to have another baby, and some shyly ask.

I'm embracing the bump when I dress now, so it's fun. Looks like an official bump now.

Hope you have a great friday!

- Lindsay

1 comment:

  1. Last night was a very restless night for baby Pluto and me, too! How could such a little thing put so much pressure on my bladder? You look great. Have a good rest of your trip!


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