Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby B at 27 Weeks

I like the speed this pregnancy has picked up. It felt so slow at the beginning! But I'm at the edge of the third trimester!!

I really feel pregnant now. I think I say that every week; I'm sorry.

The heartburn has come. I don't get morning sickness when pregnant , but the heartburn makes up for it. If I don't take a TUMS before bed, I'm done for! I will be woken up from a dead sleep with the urge to puke! Not pleasant.

Also, Baby B can't find a decent position when Little JCrew is nursing. It makes it uncomfortable for me too. Feels like he is putting is feet under my right side of the ribcage.

All is well in Baby B's world. He's growing and moving like a champ. I don't know when he sleeps! It's constant movement all the time. I even think he's been getting the hiccups. It's not obvious, but I think that's what's going on.

In regards to getting ready for Baby B, I've ordered his bottle labels and bag labels to identify his stuff. We're getting there!

Happy Friday!

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