Monday, July 30, 2012

Progress In The Yard

I may feel like a dork when I take pictures of the yard, but I'm glad I do. I get to look back and see how tiny things were and then look at them now.
I can't believe what a year has done to the yard. It seems like things have boosted in to high gear.
Take a look at our begonias.

I planted these the first week of April, and look how big they are.

I spaced them out quite far, and if I plant them again next year, I will do a bigger clump closer together. But I still like the current spacing.
Now, with the trees we planted, the whole point of putting them along the fence was to create privacy. When we got the Eagleston Hollies, they were tall. Not necessarily wide, but they had height on them.

They were planted in the summer and didn't do well their first winter. They lost a lot of leaves and branches from the frost. I was anxious to see how they'd come back. And they did!!

Now we are getting closer to our privacy goal. Nothing against our wonderful neighbors, but I love my privacy!
It's fun watching things grow. "To plant a garden is to have hope for the future."

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