Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby B at 33 Weeks

It's getting harder to keep track of how many weeks I am. They are flying!

We are at 33 weeks and September is going to fly by. Work has me busy and they are starting to prepare for my leave. I purposefully think they crammed all the stuff in September on purpose!

The belly is all there and doing good. Little JCrew still uses it as a seat, but it's not comfortable for Baby B or me.

All throughout this pregnancy I have wondered how this baby will be. I try to pay attention to him in utero and see how he is alike and different from Little JCrew. Baby B is certainly as active and likes the right side of my ribs, too. He doesn't really have a sleep pattern. He just seems to be awake at all times.

Now that we have one kid under our belt, I think we will be good with this one in knowing what works and what doesn't. So many people have advice and we honestly tried it all! It doesn't hurt our feelings to hear the advice but we listened to our baby and how he needed things to be. I may be biased, but he's a good kid to me. Now we just have to see if what worked on Little JCrew works on Baby B!!

As of late, Little JCrew is walking around the house constantly! He can stand up from a squat and start walking. He loves to give hugs and kisses to his animal toys. I caught a picture of him hugging a pig this morning.

Hugging my pig

Patting my pig

He had his 12-month appointment this week and he's good on all fronts. He weighs 21 pounds (50%) and is 31 inches (85%). Tall and lanky, just like a Wilkinson! Or it could be the workouts he does with Daddy.

At the appointment we got the go-ahead to start him on milk... He loves it! He was only nursing once a day at night and I thought he may have a hard time going without. He has gotten a little clingy at night, so I wonder if he misses the bonding, but I think if I didn't stop now, he'd be really jealous of Baby B nursing when he came. Hopefully this is enough time for him to forget about it.

That's it as far as an update on my boys. Mr. JCrew is doing good. He started Fall class last week and soccer season is in full swing.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep 'Em Separated

There is a lot of yard work going on over here. So much so that I had to make a schedule!! (my favorite) I love being busy enough to make a schedule.

Part of the reason why it’s busy is because of the rose drama. There are 27 rose bushes to be pulled up! And I’ll possibly be adding 6 more to that total. That’s more than I can handle in one day, maybe even one weekend. So, I divided up the task into five days worth. However, I was trying to put it off just a week or two more so I can enjoy the rose blooms left, but we woke up Saturday on a mission. Here is what is left.

We got 23 of them out of the ground in one morning! We just have to haul them off.

Here are the remaining four.

I ended up getting three myself and left the last one for Mr. JCrew to enjoy removing.

In the meantime, I have plants that need separating. We have giant Mondo grass that has multiplied and Irises that Mr. JCrew’s Nana gave me that have also multiplied.

Irises usually need to be separated every 3-4 years. I’ve only had these planted a little over one year, but I’m anxious to spread them out throughout the yard. Late Summer is the perfect time to divide.

Unearthed Irises

Letting the roots dry a bit from their bath
I used my small hand fork to take all the irises out of the ground and rinse them with a ten-percent bleach/water combo. Then I cut them apart and cut the leaves down.

Then I was ready to replant them in their new locations. The mother plants bloom once, and they are done, but I can still spread them out to make more babies. I can’t recall which plants had the yellow flower versus the blue flower, so they’ll be mixed throughout the yard.


I kept some Irises in the original location and planted the others in spots near my pots in the yard.

Now, for the mondo grass, I had two new spots I wanted to take them. One was underneath a crepe myrtle tree.

 After separating the border grass, I placed them underneath the tree.

Then the daunting task of planting the little blades of grass! Being in my cheap-mode of thinking, I'm glad I was able to thin out the border grass and use it somewhere else without paying for new plants.

 You can't even tell that I removed grass from the original clump!

The other spot was where I had planted Vinca last year; in-between the Aroborvitae.

Both new locations would be perfect to let the mondo grass keep multiplying. It’s done so well in its current spot, that taking some away will not hurt it at all.

Phase 1 of the yard overhaul is complete and so glad it is. It was the step I was not looking forward to. Who wants to dig up plants to just put them in a new spot? And who wants to dig up 27 thorny rose bushes that have gotten so big, it's hard to avoid a thorn in the thigh? Thanks to my AWESOME hubby, the job is done. There should be no more reasons to have to dig up plants in our future. I just want to watch things grow.

Now I can get the top of the hill ready for it's new inhabitants... once I figure out what they will be!

Anyone else gearing up for Fall yardwork? I started early because of Baby B coming. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little JCrew's First Birthday Celebration

I am going to overload you with pictures.

We had local family come over on Saturday to help celebrate Little JCrew's milestone day. I took a ton of pictures, but missed out on getting him with both sets of grandparents! I also forgot to take the camera outside while the kids were playing.

All the cousins were able to come and it was great to see them play. Once Baby B arrives, there will be 5 Jenson grandkids under the age of 5! They all played really well together.

Little JCrew loves his cousin, James.

When James sat in the Cozy Coupe, Little JCrew helped himself right in.

Building the Cozy Coupe was an adventure. Little JCrew hopped right in and didn't want to get out for the entire building process.

His Mimi and Poppi got him his own picnic table that he loves. Although he likes to sit on the table part right now, it's cute when he actually sits on it correctly. He is growing up way too fast!

He opened a couple presents while sitting in his blue car.

Daddy got him Thor's hammer (nerf-style)!

And then it was time for cake! I made a vanilla cake and added blue icing with sprinkles. Nothing fancy.

Time to blow out the candle.


Little JCrew has had cake before, but without the icing. He loved it and practically ate the whole piece! This boy has his father's appetite.

Do I have icing on my lips?
Guess I should eat this, right?
Such a pretty pile-of-cake creation.
Glorius bite
Yes, the frosting in my hair adds to my outfit.
After playing outside, we came back in to finish the gift unwrapping.

Yay for diapers!! Thank you, Nana and Boppa.
Overall, the day was a success! Little JCrew took and LONG nap after his guests left.
It's hard to be a host and I know I could improve, but I think everyone had a good time. Little JCrew had his family around him and that's what is important in life.
Happy birthday, Little JCrew!!! We love you!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby B at 32 Weeks

Yesterday was baby update day, but we were busy with a one year old! :)

While Little JCrew is celebrating one year of life, his brother is 32 weeks.

We had a doctor’s appointment Thursday and all is good. The belly is measuring behind a week, but that’s of no concern. He’s head down, but I didn’t ask if he was engaged. I assume he is.
Exciting to think he will be out in the world in 8 weeks or less!!
How Far Along?: 32 Weeks

How Big Is Baby?: the size of a jicama (3.75 lbs and 16.7 in long)

Sleep?: It’s not Baby B’s fault I don’t get much sleep. There is just a lot going on in life that my mind is always going and sleep suffers. But the night following a sleepless night is the best! I’m so exhausted, my head hits the pillow and I’m out.

Food Cravings?: None. I eat anything in small doses and often.

Movement?: Baby B has now turned into an active little guy. He constantly moves and gives me jabs. At times it feels like he’s complaining of the space I’m giving him.

Gender?: It’s a BOY!!

Belly Button?: Still an innie.

Special Moment of the week: Imagining holding him and bringing him home. I’m ready!

Mood?: I’m not as moody as a typical pregnant woman, but I feel moodier than my normal self. I have nothing to complain about, but I get frustrated with people/situations at times.

Pain?: No pain here. No back pain, no sciatic nerve pain, and no feet swelling. I’m a lucky girl!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are a common occurrence. I’m ready for the real contractions!!

Next Doctor’s Appt?: Two weeks

What I’m Looking Forward To: I cannot wait to see what he looks like!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Little JCrew is ONE!!


It is so hard to believe one year has passed since I was in the hospital. I loved every minute of welcoming my little man into the world, that I am excited for it to happen all over again in October.


Little JCrew has been the biggest blessing to us. I cannot imagine life without him. At one year old, he is so interactive with everyone he meets. He has never met a stranger he didn’t like. The kid is more popular than his parents. We walk down the hall at church and everyone says hi to him. Not us. In the grocery store, he’s known as the kid that comes with his grandparents on Wednesday’s. They even have a nickname for him.



He’s the happiest baby I’ve met. No day is a bad day to him. He will make your day brighter. Every day I look forward to him waking up so we can play.


Happy birthday, my little man! I LOVE YOU!
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