Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adding a Little Detail

Baby B's bed has been done for a while. We put a crib in the spare bedroom and called it a day. Little JCrew's room has two twin beds in it and we did the same thing and just sticking a crib in there. In my mind, it's just easier than designing a whole nursery and then redesigning it later.

The crib was refinished (as documented here) and a pallet wall was installed as well. When I built the pallet wall, I mentioned that I would document later about what was to go on the ledge. Sorry it has taken so long, but I was being indecisive!!

The rest of the room is bright colored, yet the bedding is subdue in grey and white.

I wanted the things on the shelf to be bright colored to tie in the rest of the room.

I had bought a green clock on clearance with every intention of hanging it on the ledge, but I was nervous. I don't know why, but I wondered if a clock would look silly. Yet, I wanted a clock in the room. Then I found a more beautiful and cheap clock and knew it was the one. Instead of green, it was white.

Since the room was designed before either babies were even thought of, the pictures in Baby B's room were a bit girly.

I knew I needed to change them, but was being lazy!! I could definitely put pictures of Baby B once he was born in the frames, but I'd have to wait a while. I then got the idea to print elephant pictures and stick them in there in the mean time.

One of those pictures goes on the shelf and I love it!!

I guess this could fall under a budget craft of mine. I just changed the inserts on some pictures.

The ledge decor is almost complete, but there is an empty space above the block letters that I need to fill. I have a wooden plaque I made for Little JCrew's room that I never hung, so I decided to repaint it. (A sailboat just doesn't fit in the new room.)

I painted it using the grey color that was in the master bedroom (we changed that two years ago when I just couldn't get happy with the color.)

And the next step will be to use the paint color I used on the crib to paint and elephant. Once complete, I'll stick that up on the wall.

Everything that is on the ledge is tacked to the wall. Mr. JCrew is our safety expert in the house, and he wouldn't let me keep any of that stuff on there once the baby comes. So, Mr. Elephant's ear is nailed to the wall so he won't fall!!

Once I paint the elephant, I'll post a look at the complete details.

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