Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who's Toy Is This?

The Jenson house has some spiteful residents occupying it... The fur children.

We give them attention all the time, but they're having trouble remembering which toys are theirs.
Honestly, we haven't been good about picking up toys; theirs or the baby's. They are just scattered around. Little JCrew loves to take their toys out of the basket. Sometimes he even puts them back. If the kid plays with their toys, should his be fair game?

Colby got ahold of Little JCrew's favorite puzzle piece. Looks like he had fun!

Colby has also "killed" a whale and a starfish (bathtub toys.) There is an injured green block, but it survived.

Sometimes we learn the hard way. Mommy and Daddy have learned we have to pick up the toys.

- Lindsay

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