Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby B at 37 Weeks

Baby B has reached full-term! We are ready to go (if he so chooses.)

I think we're ready to go. Just have to install the carseat bases in the cars. I have my hospital bag somewhat packed; except for the last minute things that I am still using (like a phone charger.)

As for labor signs, not much is happening. He feels to have gotten lower but I'm a bad guesser when it comes to predicting that.

Doctor appointment today, so we'll see what he says. They say there is a full moon this weekend. The full moon had no effect on Little JCrew, so I doubt Baby B will either.

I'm so glad it's Friday! Ready for the weekend!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part Four of the Backyard Overhaul

 The last time I left you in the backyard, I had just finished planting nine holly bushes on the back row of where the rose bushes were. I was so proud to get ahead of schedule and accomplish this task mid-week, but then I lost momentum. Both Mr. JCrew and I had an exhausting week so we took the weekend off from yard work.

It didn't take us long to get back in to the swing. Next up on the backyard list was to plant the gardenias.

I had a hard time coming up with plants to replace the roses. They had to like full sun, produce some kind of flower and be frost proof. Most gardenias are not frost proof, but there are a couple new varieties. When I asked Cory at CatBird Seat, he recommended 'Heaven Scent' Gardenia. They would grow bigger than the height I needed, but could be trimmed to size. I was sold.

There were two sizes available at the time, but I didn't purchase them right away. I was still in research mode. But when time came to purchase them, the only size available was the smaller size. This had its benefits... 1) they were cheaper. 2) smaller holes to dig.

Note: this was the larger size in a three-gallon pot.

After I planted the holly bushes, my next task was to get the holes ready for the next plants. That was the task I couldn't finish because I was tired. However, I did notice my existing holes were in different spots than my drawing.


I then realized it be easiest to reduce the number of Loropetalums and add gardenais.

I don't mind the smaller size of the gardenia, it just makes it necessary to use binoculars to see them! I will have lots of years to watch them grow, but I do wish they would have been slightly bigger.

Oh well. The Indian Hawthorne plants I got were just as tiny, and two years later they have grown together. Hopefully, that is what happens with these.

Indian Hawthorne first planted - 2010

Indian Hawthorne now 2012

Looking good so far!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Public Service Announcement - Plug In Air Fresheners

I love making a house smell good. Especially when you have animals living in your house. Easiest way for me to achieve this is with those plug-in air freshners by Febreeze and Air Wick.


I use to have one plugged in every room, however, Little JCrew is curious and touches them. This causes his hands to smell and TASTE horrible. (I found this out after he stuck his fingers in my mouth after touching one.)

It was obvious we had to take them out of the plugs until he learned they were off limits. While doing this I have learned of the damage they cause!

I had done this before, but it happened again. The oil from them RUINS the finish on furniture. Just setting it on a piece of furniture is disastorous to a tabletop. When the unit gets knocked over and oil leaks out, it’s even worse.

Thursday morning I saw the plug-in unit that we use in the bedroom on its side on Mr. JCrew’s nightstand. Not his fault. I quickly picked it up and there was the spot… ruined.


I’m so bummed!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby B at 36 Weeks

We are one week away from being considered full term! And if you use one of the earliest due dates I was given, I am full term and only three weeks away!!

I think that thought alone kept me up last night. I just kept thinking how I needed to finish packing my hospital bag. Baby B might come faster than his brother did and if I keep holding off on packing it, I may not have time to pack it last minute. So, it's on this weekend's agenda.

Baby B is still moving around in there. It's so funny how your mind plays tricks on you at the end. I over-analyze every little thing. With Little JCrew, I looked forward to the weekly appointments and hoped that I would hear of progress being made. I never did, but my hope would be renewed each week. Even at 40 weeks, there was no sign that Little JCrew was about to make his entrance, yet he came the next day.

Today I have a progress appointment and I am so excited! Who gets excited to see the doctor? This girl! I'm just as excited to check-in to the hospital. We're weeks away!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby B's Shower

I'm not really comfortable having a shower for a second, third, fourth baby in the family, but I understand if it's been a while since the last kid and you need to replace expired items.

For Baby B I insisted there was no need for a shower; especially since he was my second boy and only coming 13.5 months after his brother. I also didn't want an overabundance of things to have to deal with.

Yet, I wanted to be able to say I "celebrated" the anticipated arrival of my second son. I wanted to have pictures in his baby book to show we were just as excited for his arrival as we were his brother's.

The Sunday School girls really wanted to help celebrate. Blakeley is on the same wave-length as me and at her shower for her second son, she had a shower where we all brought items to donate to those that really needed the items. Blakeley is currently pregnant with her third and is due 3.5 weeks after me, so we decided to have a joint pajama party where we collected books to donate!

The invitation was quite cute.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

I see a big old giving tree

From good night moon and peek a who

To I love you through and through

So find a book store and take a look

As we shower these girls with your favorite book.

Please help Lindsay and Blakeley pass on their love of reading to their babies, by bringing a favorite book to add to their nursery library.

Give the gift of reading...Also please bring a book to donate in honor of the babies and mommys.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." - Emilie Buchwald

Please come in comfy clothes for relaxing, hanging out and movie time.

The hostesses went above and beyond! Each table food had a book related theme.

Snack Table

Lorax Lemonaide

Junk Food - Berenstein Bears
If You Give  A Mouse A Cookie

Goodnight Moon-Pies

Dr. Suess Swedish Fish

Five Little Pumpkins - Pumkin Oatmeal Cookies and Bread
Hungry Little Catepillar Fruit

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Blakeley is such a good role model as a mom.

I followed her lead and had each guest sign a book for Baby B. Each time we read the books, he'll be reminded of who loved him from the very beginning.

This Friday I have my doctor's appointment near the hospital, so after I go I'll be dropping the books off to donate to the new Pediatric ER. I'm so excited to know that other kids will have lots of stories to read and take their imagination elsewhere when they're scared.

Books for B, with some cute carry bags

Donation Books
Little JCrew saw me with the books and I quickly snapped this last picture before he sat himself in front of them and wanted to read. I love that he loves books! Sometimes he's not "ready" to read the whole book but wants us to attempt to read the first page at least. He lets us know if that was the book he was looking for.

Thank you so much, to all my wonderful friends for helping celebrate the excitement of a new baby!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pajama Cuteness

Now that the weather is teasing us about getting colder in the near future, we decided to put pajamas on Little JCrew at night.

Yes, we have never officially put pajamas on him! He's such a hot-natured kid, he would sweat on the nights we swaddled him or put blankets on. Most of the time, we put a onesie on and called it a night. We'd put a blanket on and he'd kick it off. We were worried what to do in the winter.

But we found two pair of cute pajamas.

Best part is pair glows in the dark! I think this feature is cool! Little JCrew is not yet impressed.

Can you stand all of that cuteness? I love seeing him walk around the house ready for bed!

At the next consignment sale, I'm looking for more of these pajamas. I can't get enough!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr. Independent

We have reached the stage of being picky with our food and wanting to feed ourselves.

This can be very frustrating! Little JCrew will chow down on a dish of food and the next day won't touch it. Mr. JCrew and I joke that he is like his dad in that way... doesn't like to eat the same thing two days in a row. He needs variety.

At least I can count on him eating his oatmeal EVERY morning! He likes it. He did go through another phase of wanting to use the spoon himself, but he soon realized if he was really hungry, it was much faster to have someone hold the spoon for him.

At last night's dinner, he ate his food, but when it came time to eat dessert (applesauce) he was full. However, we wanted to "practice" with his spoon. So, we let him.

After "practicing." he figured it was easiest to just put the cup up to his mouth.

He only ended up wearing a fourth of it. I consider that success!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby B at 35 Weeks

As the saying goes... 35/35! I am 35 weeks along with 35 days left!

If only that was a known fact. I don't know how many days I have left. I am a planner, but this is a task I cannot pinpoint. I'm trying to do a good job at guessing, but we'll see how it turns out.

Excuse the same outfit as last week. I dressed in the dark and I randomly got the same thing.

I'm a numbers person, so I already have my favorite dates picked out. Of course, I think any number is great and as long as this baby comes out healthy, I'll be fine, but I'm going for the 11th, 16th or 19th. Those days aren't far away!

10-11-12 is just cool. Plus, Mr. JCrew's birthday is on the 11th (of a different month) so they'd kinda match.

10-16-12 is the day that Mr. JCrew and I met (just 5 years prior.) My birthday is on the 16th (of a different month) so naturally 16 is a favorite number.

10-19-12 is the official due date. I like the number 19 a lot and 19 is 8 days after the 11th.

See, Little JCrew already had numbers to analyze with his b-day. He is 8 days after me and we was born on the 24th, so 2x4=8.

I just think it's fun to make it mean something, but if it doesn't, it'll be okay. We'll make something up!

The end of this pregnancy is going great. Had to move my doctor's appointment around too many times because of work, but I finally got in there this week. All is still measuring fine and no complications. Blood pressure is low and weight gain is normal. Isn't it funny to watch the scale climb at a fast rate and not be worried? On the 21st, I start going weekly to my appointments.

I am so excited to meet Baby B. I wonder each day how he is going to be. Like Little JCrew? Or a whole new mixture of Mommy and Daddy?

By the time the end nears, I feel with this pregnancy and the last, I revert back to my eating habits of the first trimester; plain, non-fancy food. I'm in love with toast topped with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar! I ate it for breakfast and dinner yesterday and will have it again this morning (if there is bread left!)

I guess that's about it for me. Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Consignment Sales

Can you believe I let Baby B's room get like this?

I hate to admit that Baby B's room looked like this for a couple weeks. His clothes are already put into drawers and the closet, but these are leftover hand-me-downs that we are not using.

Little JCrew and Baby B have two boy cousins that were born in March and April. They were kind to give us so many clothes, but it's A LOT!!! Little JCrew didn't even wear half of them! We were blessed to have so much.

Now that Baby B is on his way, I pulled the clothes back down from the attic and pulled out what we will use and will consign/donate the rest. They offer to donate your unsold items for you after the sale, but I plan to pick mine up and donate myself. The whole point for me to consign is to give someone else what I am not using. I know a great local thrift store that is connected with our church that I donate all our extra stuff to, so that's where the unsold items will go.

I have never seen it before, but our community has consignment sales twice a year (Spring and Fall.) I've seen consignment stores before, but this is different. These are mega-sales that offer clothes, beds, toys, anything you can think of kid-related. This is how Mom and I get all our toys. Clean them up and they are good.

I was already a thrifty person, but Little JCrew has made me even thriftier. I can get three-four times as much stuff at a consignment sale as I would retail. I average spending $70-80 at a sale and walk out with a huge collection. It has me spoiled! I can’t pay retail for children’s things. It hurts too much!

With having Baby #2, there is not much for me to consign myself, but I am participating in my first sale this Fall with items I didn’t use for Little JCrew and am certain I won’t use for Baby B. Once Baby B outgrows his toys/clothes I’ll have plenty to consign.


I was able to buy TWO of these exercise gyms cheaper than retail for one! They retail for $90 on sale and I got each for $20. Totally worth it when the baby only uses it for a couple months.  I always look for the ones that are practically brand new. Some might be worn or dated, but there are items in there that are still in their packaging.

I need to confess that most of the clothes I am preparing for the sale/donation are girl clothes!! New with tags on them and everything. I always thought I’d be having a girl and was slowly building up my collection. I was also getting boy items at the same time, but I was paying attention to the girl clothes. Now that we know we’re having two boys and don’t plan on more kids, I can let go of my girl stash.

I’ve gone to my girl stash when I’ve had friends with little girls be born or have birthday’s. It’s been very helpful. Yet, it was hard to part with something I liked so much and wanted to reserve for my future daughter. Hopefully the consignment sale will help me recoup half of the money I spent. I’m trying to price fair and give people a deal. I know how happy I am to save money and I want to be able to help someone that REALLY needs to discount be able to clothe their child.

Consigning has been a time-commitment for me. I’m trying to prepare for it little by little. They recommend ironing clothes so that they look sharp and less worn. I’ve washed and made sure there are no stains, and have ironed all the clothes for this Fall’s sale. It will be such a great feeling to not have the clothes sitting in my attic!! Or in Baby B’s room like they have been for the last month.

For the local folks, it’s consignment season and I urge you to check out the deals if you have never been before.


Monday, September 10, 2012

The Best of Friends

I know that I have been blessed with a great group of friends! I will not take advantage of knowing that. But there is something to be said about the friends that have been around since my childhood.

It doesn't matter how often we speak (phone, email, text) or even how often we can see eachother (across state lines), I know that if I needed them in any way, I could pick up the phone and they'd be there. Or if I just needed to chat, we could pick up where we last left off.

It's a great feeling knowing you have friends like that. We all grow up and start families of our own and those families are our prioirity, but we still have each other.

On Friday I woke up to a "happy" on my front step. Mr. JCrew was leaving to take Little JCrew on a walk and he said I had a package. I promised him I hadn't ordered anything (though he was doubtful.) So, while he was walking, I opened it still without knowing who it came from.

My jaw dropped when I opened the package and saw the gift note. It was from my dearest friend and her family. They just welcomed their third girl in April. She had some complications at birth, but is home and perfectly healthy now. Her first two girls are 13 months apart, so she has given me lots of encouraging words on how great it will be in the midst of the exhausting times! :)

Pulling the contents of the pacakge out, I saw Baby B's name! Then Little JCrew's!! They were getting their first matching item! Beach Towels!

With hoods!

I think they're adorable and can't wait for them to use them at the pool, lake, beach, everywhere!!

That's one thing I am very excited about, is having matching things with their names on them.

Thank you, to my dearest friend and her family for the precious gift! I love them and love you! Wish we lived close enough so her girls and my boys could grow up together!

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