Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby B at 34 Weeks

Am I on a downhill slope, or what? My thirties are flying and I knew they would.

Baby B is 34 weeks. Can't complain about a thing. I feel good and am still able to keep up with the best of them. I still wear my heels and do my yard work.

Sleep is something I don't look forward to. That's not something normal people say!! I've turned into a figety sleeper. I toss and turn and it wakes me up. For some reason all I want is to sleep on my stomach. I've never had such the urge! Sleeping on my side is not comfortable on my hips and sleeping on my back is not comfortable for Baby B. I can't win. Not much longer; I can make it.

I'm excited for the weekly appointments to start happening and hopefully hearing of some kind of progress. With Little JCrew I never got progress news. He was staying put until the last minute.

Braxton Hicks still happen and they are getting stronger each week. I remember this happening with Little JCrew. Yesterday I was curious about their timing, but they were further apart than I thought. Pregnancy brain plays with your ability to time things. I really thought I had just had one, but it had been more than an hour earlier!

This weekend's agenda is a bunch of hanging out! Little JCrew has his best bud's first birthday party to go to. He and Mr. Max were born two weeks and two days apart. His mom and I went on a lot of walks around the neighborhood during our pregnancy. Can't wait to celebrate the little guy's milestone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We'll see ya Monday!

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