Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby B at 36 Weeks

We are one week away from being considered full term! And if you use one of the earliest due dates I was given, I am full term and only three weeks away!!

I think that thought alone kept me up last night. I just kept thinking how I needed to finish packing my hospital bag. Baby B might come faster than his brother did and if I keep holding off on packing it, I may not have time to pack it last minute. So, it's on this weekend's agenda.

Baby B is still moving around in there. It's so funny how your mind plays tricks on you at the end. I over-analyze every little thing. With Little JCrew, I looked forward to the weekly appointments and hoped that I would hear of progress being made. I never did, but my hope would be renewed each week. Even at 40 weeks, there was no sign that Little JCrew was about to make his entrance, yet he came the next day.

Today I have a progress appointment and I am so excited! Who gets excited to see the doctor? This girl! I'm just as excited to check-in to the hospital. We're weeks away!

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