Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby B's Birth Story, Part 1

So, I get a text from my little sister gawking at my choice of post topics for Monday. She was shocked I wrote about bushes on the day that my baby was born. I already had that post created and just pushed "publish" that way you'd have something to read. But I knew I could not leave you without an update on Baby B.

On Friday, I left you with a post about Baby B being 37 weeks. Little did I know that Baby B was listening to me say he was full-term and decided he'd make his entrance early Monday morning.

He is 24 hours old now and getting comfortable in his new outside world. He's coo'ing more and moving around. He and I are a lot less groggy than yesterday. I got my first wink in 24 hours and it felt great!

Briggs Merrick 10/1/12

Baby B's arrival started at 2:30PM on Sunday. We had gone to Mr. JCrew's soccer game and I felt fine. I still felt fine after the soccer game, but I noticed my contractions were becoming like the painful labor contractions. When we got little JCrew home for a nap, I started to time the contractions. They were nothing close to consistent. If I sat on the couch, they disappeared. Once I got up and moving, they came.

We decided to go to bed and I thought they would go away. At 930PM, a contraction woke me up. From 10-11PM the contractions were ten minutes apart. The rule of thumb to remember is 5:1:1. Wait to go to the hospital until your contractions are five minutes apart; last for 1 minute; and keep this pattern for at least an hour. Even though my contractions weren't five minutes apart, I still decided it was time. I woke up Mr. JCrew and called my mom to come over to watch Little JCrew sleep.

We checked into the hospital at exactly midnight. They put me in a triage room to monitor me. I had not gone to a triage room with Little JCrew. I think it was because Baby B was 37 weeks and they thought the contractions would go away; but I knew they wouldn't. They checked my progress and I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. They would come back in an hour to check my progress again.

The contractions grew in pain. It had not yet been an hour, so I called the nurse in to ask for something for pain. After consulting with the doctor, he did not want to give me an epidural or any kind of pain medicine until he knew my body was progressing. I then became determined to make it happen. With each contraction I pushed like I was doing situps and exhaled like I was blowing up a balloon.

Sure enough when that hour came, I called the nurse for her to check me. Contractions were 5-6 minutes apart and I was 4 cm dilated and 85% effaced. It was progress. I could now be admitted to the hospital and get my epidural. Relief was in sight.

... to keep you from going numb, this post will continue on Thursday.

Birth Story Part 2


  1. he is so tiny and perfect. i can't wait to meet him tonight.

  2. i guess i can hear the rest of the story then

  3. Leaving me hanging! You know I love love love birth stories, so I'm anxious to hear the rest. I'm so happy for you guys that your new little man is here and everything seems to have gone well. Can't wait to meet him!


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