Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby B's Birth Story, Part 2

Continued from Part 1...

It's 2AM on Monday, October 1, and we are finally being admitted to the hospital and I'm going to get my epidural! With Little JCrew I waited as long as I could before I got the epidural, and I knew how great it was to be pain-free, so I wasn't going to wait with Baby B.

I finally get my epidural and had relief for about an hour. At one point the numbness was only on the left side. Then the numbness went away. I was feeling pressure again. I let the nurse know immediately and she showed me what button to push to give me an extra dose. The extra dose didn't work and I was now in pain like I had no medication.

I was checked for progress and I was now 6 cm and 100% effaced. The nurse explained I was feeling pressure again because my water had not broke. I asked her if she could break it, and it's a task that only the doctor's could do. However, if my water broke while she "checked" my progress, that was allowed to happen. She tried to pinch my bag of waters and NOTHING! But after some time, the bag started to leak. It did with this Little JCrew and they counted that as my water breaking. Not this time! My water had not broken according to the doctor.

After laboring with intense pain for two more hours, I thought we were waiting on the doctor to come break my water. The nurse asked if I wanted the anesthesiologist to come give me another dose. I quickly said, "Yes." In the meantime, she wanted me to push to try and break my water. I tried, but quickly stopped. I had never felt pain like that.

By now I was 10 cm dilated and my water had still not broken. I asked the nurse where the doctor was so that he could break my water. After checking in with him, he told her to have me stop pushing and he was not coming in to break my water. WHAT?!? I will admit I started calling him names like, "Stupid." I wanted to reject the doctor and tell him to not come at all. I felt he was being lazy. (Note: this doctor was not my OB/GYN. He was the on-call doctor for the practice. I love my OB.)

The anesthesiologist showed up and we discovered my epidural catheter had fallen out! I was feeling pain not because of my unbroken water, but because I had no pain medicine in me. I was getting a taste of what it feels like to labor med free!! Oh, I could not do it all the way. I honestly thought I was going to have to deliver without meds and wanted to stop the process if I could.

I then received a saddle-block. It's a shot that is suppose to numb you instantly; and it works 100% of the time, not just 99%. It wasn't until three contractions later that I felt it work. What a relief! Going through contractions 1-2 minutes apart with pain gave me no time to catch any kind of relief. I might could have handled the pain if the contractions were further apart.

Once I received the shot and felt no pain, I was able to push and my water immediately popped. It was like a fountain. I thought it was cool! I had the biggest smile on my face. I knew I didn't have to wait to deliver anymore. It was now 6AM and I had waited long enough. However, we were waiting on the doctor to come catch the baby.

Once he arrived, I was ready to push and one push is all it took. Baby B was half way out when he told me to stop so he could unwrap the cord that was twisted twice around his neck. Then I finished the push and he was born! That moment alone made me forget all the bad moments of the morning. I didn't tear or have a cut, which was a miracle! It has made recovery awesome! I'm already bouncing around doing normal things.

... to be continued on Friday with statistics of Baby B.

Birth Story Part 3

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