Thursday, November 15, 2012

Best Hubby Ever

There are so many posts (blogs and Facebook) that people are making about what they are thankful for this month.

I think it is a great reminder to look at what you appreciate. Small things always get overlooked. There is not a day that goes by I don't stop and thank God for my family. Every single one of them.

But today I will focus on the hubby. I wanted to write it here because I wouldn't be putting it in people's faces to read.

I really feel so lucky. Mr. JCrew takes two-three college classes each semester. He does this to ensure job security. He knows a college education is important and wants to set a good example for his boys (and brother.) Hopefully he'll have completed the first degree in the next two years. Then he wants to continue with another! He's driven!!

While going to school, he still is involved with church and coaches his soccer team. We make the soccer games a family event to watch. Little JCrew loves watching them play. He is already showing natural skill with the ball. Mr. JCrew wants to coach his team, if he decides to play.

I couldn't ask for a better dad for my boys. He plays with Little JCrew and cuddles with Baby B. In the middle of the night, he helps me with Baby B too. He is the opposite of selfish! He really does think of his family and makes sure we are taken care of.

Mr. JCrew is more than what I was asking God for in a husband. He has filled voids I never knew I had. I don't know what I was doing five years ago without him. And I don't want to think about ever losing him.

He accepts my flaws and makes light of situations. He listens to my ideas (even the silly ones) and acts excited when I'm bubbly. He's not afraid to get goofy with the boys and he's not afraid to hide who he really is.

So, today I am sooo thankful for my dedicated husband. There is so much I couldn't do without him.

- Lindsay

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  1. Such a sweet post, Lindsay! You guys are such an adorable couple.


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