Monday, November 19, 2012

Boy Update

Baby B stayed in Preemie-sized clothes for about four weeks. Now we are in Newborn-size and he is almost too long for those at 7 weeks. It’s more the length than the width he is outgrowing so fast. My kids are long!!

The last few days he has been fussy when awake. I can't complain because it is nothing like horror stories I've heard, but he just wants to snuggle all day. I can't say I mind. Any excuse to cuddle with a tiny baby is all I need!

Baby B

 I love catching Mr. JCrew taking naps with the babies. Above is his nap with Baby B. Below is the same picture with Little JCrew (12 weeks.)

Little JCrew

Little JCrew is a talkative kid; too bad I don’t know Mandarin! He has certain tones of voice he uses when he talks to the dogs or to his baby brother. I can be in another room and know what or who he is talking to by his tone. He has been saying “Daddy” pretty regularly and he loves to say “Hey.” Whenever we say the word “hair” he instantly starts rubbing his hair. He likes that word. The word “Moo” makes him giggle, so when I was trying to teach him “moon” one night, it didn’t surprise me that he started smiling and laughing at me.

When we hand Little JCrew his juice cup, he says “Thank you” or the non-English form of it. Whatever he is saying is still two words. One time I thought I heard him say “Thanks.”

Little JCrew is now starting to "cheese." I'm going to have to catch it on camera. Maybe he will start smiling on command for the camera now.  I love his big grin. He honestly is smiling at you and looks so happy. I admit I have become obnoxious in my methods to get him to smile. That smile can get anyone to smile back!
The boy loves to talk on the phone. Don’t know where he gets that from… (Mimi!) His daddy and I both keep our conversations short and sweet, but we encourage him when he tries to make everything a phone.

Baby B is such a chill baby. He lets Little JCrew smother him with kisses. Little JCrew likes to “feed” him with spoons and cups and I have to tell him the effort is appreciated but not necessary.

One day he’ll be able to share with his brother; let’s just hope when the times comes he still has the interest.

- Lindsay

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