Friday, December 21, 2012

Boy Update

Yay for Friday. Boo to work. Since I used a lot of leave having a baby and all (no big deal) I can't take off a whole week at Christmas like I use to. Don't worry, I'm still taking some days, just not a whole week.

Last week Little JCrew had RSV. Do you know how hard it was to keep him away from his little brother? I assigned Mr. JCrew to take care of him while I took care of Baby B. I missed Little JCrew's hugs and kisses!

Now he's all smiles and back to talking. It's no fun seeing your baby sick. On Sunday we took him to my parents' church for the Living Christmas Tree program. He loved it. Dancing and chatting up the kids behind us. High fives for everyone!

On Monday, our small group went to BridgeStreet to celebrate Jenn's birthday (which is today.) Last year we took Little JCrew to the tree lighting.



This year we at least took a picture in front of the tree.


And Jenn captured this pic of us.

Little JCrew had his 15-month appt this week. (It's actually closer to 16-months, but who's counting?) He's 22lbs (25%) and 32 inches (75%).

Mr. JCrew and the boy love their snacks. He was given the goldfish box to play with. He dove right in.

Then dumped the box on the floor. I knew that was coming! (I swore I took a picture of the mess, but the camera ate it.)

Little JCrew is a ham. This is what he did with my stools last night.

Baby B is still such a sweetheart. He's actually giving us more smiles. They tend to be in the middle if the night (when I shouldn't be talking to him) but he's so happy to see us after so long that I can't help it!

Mr. JCrew and I were just commenting how our "me" time is gone. The boys are on different schedules but their bedtime is the same. Too bad it's my bedtime too! When we do get "dangerous" and stay up, we pay for it when both boys want to get up earlier than normal. I usually don't last more than an hour past their bedtime when I try; but this morning I set my alarm early to have computer time and before I hear the alarm, Baby B is up! He won't let me put him back down either.

Time is lost. We lose it as much as we do paci's and juice cups. But they always turn back up. Little JCrew just hides them.

I wouldn't want to waste my time doing stuff for me anyways. The boys won't be babies much longer. And Little JCrew is learning so much that it's fun to discover with him.

I'm excited for Christmas this year. Little JCrew isn't into "things" so much, so I don't anticipate faces of excitement with presents. But I do think he'll enjoy playing!

I will see y'all after Christmas. Have a merry one!

- Lindsay


  1. I can't believe how big B is getting! Especially after starting out so small. I think Winnie is taking the opposite track. I like to go to bed shortly after my boys, too. I stayed up late with Hunt last night, and like you said, I'm paying for it this morning! Even though I like to stay up late, my body likes early to bed, early to rise.

  2. I joke about my 730PM bedtime, but the boys are early risers like me, so I want to be ready. My body appreciates the sleep. Hasn't B gotten big? He's my little chunker! Stockier than W was.

  3. why not eat the gold fish right out of the carton. that is the best way. :) love him


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