Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cards Revisited

I mentioned how much I love Christmas cards, but I love them so much I can’t stop talking about them!

I love to see the smiling faces of all my friends and their families. Kids grow so fast in a year! I also love to see how creative my friends are. I’ve got some really inspirational and talented friends!

The best part is what I do with the cards in January. I know some of you chose not to keep the holiday cards each year, others take photos of them and use them as the contact images on your smart phones. But if you are like me, you hold on to those cards since it is the best way to keep photographic memories of your favorite friends and family from year to year.

I found the idea on Pinterest last year. I punch holes in the cards and bind them together to make a book. So much time and money goes into those cards, I can’t bare the thought of throwing them away.

The great part is I pull the old books back out and thumb through them. That’s when you oo and ahh over how big families have gotten.

More proof that I am in love with Christmas cards… my mom worked in a doctor’s office when I was growing up. An OB-GYN office to be exact. Moms would send Christmas cards and or school photos to the office staff and they have boards they pinned them on. I LOVED looking at those boards. The office staff would keep the boards organized by kid, so you could see how much they changed each year. Once their boards started filling up, they filed them in scrap books. That was always the highlight of going to the office. Even now, when I visit (which has been a few years since Mom now lives up here) I pull out the scrapbooks in the waiting room and look at the kids’ pictures.
I guess that’s why I love to take pictures to document things.

Christmas cards and photobooks are my favorite way to tell a story!

- Lindsay

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