Monday, January 14, 2013


We've had our share of the flu and I don't hope to get it again. This year's strand really knocks you down.

Since being sick, I've been diligent about washing hands and paying attention to things I touch. I normally open a door with a pull handle with only one finger. Or push a door open with my forearms. I know this puts germs other places on my body, but I guess I feel better knowing it's not on my hands and I'm not continually spreading the germs to more locations.

Anywho. Since the new year, there are not only more gym-goers but the office break room is more crowded than usual during lunch. The down side to that is waiting in line to use the microwave. All these newbies bring in frozen stuff that takes 6-7 minutes! I just need 60 seconds, please!

Today was a first for me. I saw a lady bring RAW chicken!! It was on a paper plate and she seasoned it before putting it in the microwave.

I've never tried cooking chicken in a microwave. I guess it can be done. It caught me off guard. Who brings raw chicken for lunch? Didn't have enough time to cook it Sunday or this morning?

The next part of the story is what really freaked me out. When I walk in, she is washing her hands. Obviously, she had just put the chicken on the plate. She then proceeds to move the chicken on the plate with her hand. She takes that same hand and picks up the seasoning bottle. I cringed but thought, "at least it's her bottle. Maybe now she'll wash that hand." Nope! She then got a papertowel. Next, she touched the button to open the microwave. Then, the door. Then, the buttons. Then, the faucet! I could not believe all the surfaces she was touching with that tainted hand. I wanted to say something so bad!!

If she is going to be that careless, she'll get sick. But I can't believe she was careless in a place where so many people are. They could get sick and not know that a person spread raw chicken germs all over the community kitchen!!

Made me wonder what kind of germs were on the microwave I had just touched. Ugh! Cue a prompt hand washing!

I just hope these people quickly get back to going out for lunch time. Maybe they'll break their resolutions in March.

Wash your hands!! And be wary of the surfaces you touch. You never know what is on them or the last time they were cleaned.

- Lindsay


  1. She's obviously never had salmonella while pregnant, with a husband and 12 month old also with salmonella. Speaking from experience, it's not fun! I was careful even before that experience, and I'm downright loony about it now - how disgusting!

  2. I saw that Blakeley commented on this which is funny b/c when I read it, I immediately thought of her b/c of the salmonella!! First of all, that's disgusting. Second, microwaved chicken...can you imaggine how tough that must have been...I've never heard of doing that, but I can't imagine it's good. I am sure that if this is the nasty kind of stuff they are bringing for lunch, they will be back to fast food in no time! :)

  3. oh, girls it was so gross. I wondered how the chicken would taste too... rubbery? tough? Now I will make sure I ask what dish she brings to potlucks, so I don't touch those.


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