Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great Grandparents

I may have dropped off the blog radar, but not so much in real life. I'm still here and the kids are healthy and Mr. JCrew is wonderful. As it all should be, right?

We have been doing a lot with family. Mr. JCrew's dad was recently hospitalized and sick. The ONLY upside to that situation was that the grandparents came into town!!! This was the first time they were meeting their newest great grandson, so LOTS of pictures were taken.


Boppa is the picture taker.

Mr. Brigglesworth loved Nana. (He really did, Nana!)


He just listened to her.


Then he was tired and wanted to be put to sleep.


That didn't last long while there were three other boys dancing to the music.


I always love when the cousins get together.


Claire was sleeping through all this. She needed it!


Little JCrew went right up to Boppa and hugged him.


Then he reached over to hug Nana's neck.


He did this twice without being told.

He also got into Nana’s lap for a BRIEF moment.


And Nana gave me THIS look!


I love this picture of them laughing.


Andrew even made an appearance, and Nana gave him a hard time.


I loved having Nana and Boppa here, even for a short while and under the circumstances. It’s always great to see family.


Love you, guys!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creating With the Stars!

Hey, Gang!

So, I entered a contest and I told you about it a week ago and asked for votes. Now I'm having to ask for votes again. I was mistaken on when voting started. It didn't start until after the submission deadline closed (21 February).

CWTS is the ultimate creative DIY competition that pairs 12 contestants
with 12 of blogland's biggest stars to duke it out over 4 weeks.

My project was #245 to be submitted (Lego/Train Table). Eleven winners are picked by the famous bloggers and contestants and the 12th winner is picked by popularity (clicks on my actual link on their page).

Can you do me a favor and vote? I'll owe you my sixth child!

To vote, all you have to do is click on the CWTS page, find my submission (#245) and click on it. It will bring you back here to the post on the train table. That's it!

Someone let me know they had to click 'Submit Post' on the CWTS website to see all the submissions. Just letting you know in case you have the same problem.Also, if you click the button below, it takes you to their main page and not the contest page. I've linked all my words in this post to go to the submission page.

I don't expect anything, but thought it was a fun one to enter!

Creating with the Stars

Paint Samples

Look who took part in the free paint samples!

And Little JCrew got himself orange Duck Tape.

This is the first time I got sample paint for the use they are intended for. That's why six of the colors look all the same!

More paint to add to my stash. And I'll give you details on the project soon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Paint!

I have become a huge fan of using paint samples for stuff lately. I have lots of projects coming up that I am using them for.

It's cheaper than craft paint compared to how much you get.

I definitely recommend them! And you can get a sample for free the next three days!

Lowes is doing a 'Buy One, Get One' deal.

It's also a good way to test a color before you commit to buying a whole gallon. (I guess that's the main purpose!) great for painting furniture!

Go and get you some free paint!!

- Lindsay

Oh, Brother!

Many people ask how Little JCrew is doing having a new little brother. It’s the number two question behind how I am adjusting or if I like being back at work. I think this photo explains it all…

Little JCrew is in love! Every morning Little JCrew spots Mr. Brigglesworth in his rock-n-play and starts waving hi and telling him “Hi” as well. It is the cutest thing. He offers Mr. Brigglesworth his paci and talks to him.

I cannot explain how this happened. We did not prep him in any way because I honestly thought he was too young to understand. Little JCrew is your typical almost 18-month old. He is rough and full of energy… so to see him tone down that aggressiveness and adopt a gentle tenderness with Mr. Brigglesworth makes your heart fill up.

It’s a natural reaction to tell Little JCrew how sweet he is when he leans in to give the baby a kiss. I think it’s the constant praise that he responds to. We could be wasting our breath telling him how to behave around the baby, but when he hears Momma and Daddy boasting about his actions, he will repeat what made us so happy.

I love watching him stop what he’s doing, talk to and kiss the baby, and then go back to what he was doing. I can’t help but think they are already best friends.

Little JCrew loves to use all the baby toys again. Mimi has the vibrating/bouncy chair out for Mr. Brigglesworth at her house, but Little JCrew seizes the opportunity to use it as his recliner! He even tries to sit in there while Mr. Brigglesworth is in it.

Mr. Brigglesworth doesn’t seem to mind anything that Little JCrew does; except when he sticks his finger in his mouth. Little JCrew wants to sit RIGHT next to the baby. Sometimes so close that he’s sitting on a foot. But Mr. Brigglesworth doesn’t mind. He just sits there and stares.

Mr. Brigglesworth gave his first smile to Little JCrew. Not to any of us, but to his big brother. He also pee’d on his big brother, too. Little JCrew didn’t know what to think.

Mr. Brigglesworth has been a different baby. He gives us those 8-10 hour stretches and that makes for a rested mommy that has more energy to play with Little JCrew.

Mr. Brigglesworth is such a good baby, he makes Mr. JCrew like babies and want to have another!

I don’t think we did anything to help with the transition, but I feel lucky that we have such a tender-hearted little boy. I mean LUCKY! I’m oozing luck out of all my pores and I am so thankful. Who knows if this will stay, but I will continue to encourage it. If not, we’ll be adding narrative to our parenting adventures.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Furniture Safety

My Target bookcases that I have three of, came with attachments to secure the bookcase to the wall. I never used them. Maybe I was naive. But after I read a story about a woman that lost a young child, I went out and bought protection to secure every tall piece of furniture to the wall.

This woman’s child was quietly playing in her room until it was “time to wake up.” When her parents finally got up, they discovered their child underneath her dresser. They never heard her scream because a drawer was on her neck. She couldn’t scream. 

Little JCrew is usually always accompanied by us while he plays, but there are times we give him freedom to play independently. This kid loves to climb and I know once he transitions out of the crib, there may be nap times or mornings when he gets out of bed to play without supervision.

The funny part to this story is that I ordered WAY too many. There was no picture of the packaging or a description to say that one package had 8 sets. Two pieces on each furniture means one package could secure four pieces of furniture. I ordered 13 packages! Luckily they are cheap. I ordered from and they allowed me to return 10 packages. Whoa! I knew something was wrong when my shipping confirmation said it weighed 10+ pounds. I just had to laugh at my oversight.

It took me one nap time (1.5 hours) to go around the house and secure all the furniture to the wall. I didn’t want to put extra holes in my wall and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to rearrange furniture any time soon. But the price of safety outweighs the holes in the wall.

The product description stated how you can unlock it to move the furniture to clean around it. This was good to know, since I move my furniture when I vacuum and sweep (yeah, right! I should.) I even put it on the furniture that appears heavy. You never know if a 20-30 pound toddler can be just enough weight to tilt a 100-lb chest of drawers. 

I now have the peace of mind that I’ve done what I can to keep my children safe. You have to let kids live a little, but keep them safe at the same time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fitting Into The Crowd

In my collage above the couch, I’ve had this orange-ish wood frame that sticks out like a double-jointed elbow (I’ve got two of those!)

It has been bothering me and I’ve wanted to fix it. Every time I saw it, I’d tell myself it was okay to be different. Then I’d have the urge to paint it blue (like every frame I paint) and I’d tell myself, “No. You already have two blue frames on that wall.”

I then went to my new paint friend (Mr. Brigglesworth’s crib color) and painted the frame.

I’ve now used that paint for a crib

The edging of a sign

And now a frame.

It’s such a good neutral go-to color. And the house stays cohesive using the same paint color here and there.

I really didn’t want to have to buy a new frame that may or may not fit into the collage. 

Problem Averted.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Recap With Our Friends

I mentioned that we were taking our homemadeValentines to the older folks home on Thursday night. 

We had a lot of fun. Our small group met up with another small group and our kids had a blast.

The older kids were so good with handing out the Valentines. 

Yes, that's my child on the floor. He liked throwing his cards and lying on the ground to scatter them.

The doors were decorated with hearts, and Little JCrew thought his Valentines were suppose to go on the door, too.

He tried. 

The kids were full of energy running up and down the halls.

Most of the residents didn’t mind. I know I love seeing kids enjoying themselves, but not everyone thinks like me.

After we handed out our cards, we headed outside for more time to burn off some energy.

The kids did a great job giving out their cards. Not much small talk went on, as each kid bolted in and ran back out. They must have made it into a contest to see who could get done first. 

We hope you all had a very happy Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!
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