Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creating With the Stars!

Hey, Gang!

So, I entered a contest and I told you about it a week ago and asked for votes. Now I'm having to ask for votes again. I was mistaken on when voting started. It didn't start until after the submission deadline closed (21 February).

CWTS is the ultimate creative DIY competition that pairs 12 contestants
with 12 of blogland's biggest stars to duke it out over 4 weeks.

My project was #245 to be submitted (Lego/Train Table). Eleven winners are picked by the famous bloggers and contestants and the 12th winner is picked by popularity (clicks on my actual link on their page).

Can you do me a favor and vote? I'll owe you my sixth child!

To vote, all you have to do is click on the CWTS page, find my submission (#245) and click on it. It will bring you back here to the post on the train table. That's it!

Someone let me know they had to click 'Submit Post' on the CWTS website to see all the submissions. Just letting you know in case you have the same problem.Also, if you click the button below, it takes you to their main page and not the contest page. I've linked all my words in this post to go to the submission page.

I don't expect anything, but thought it was a fun one to enter!

Creating with the Stars


  1. Replies
    1. I can't view it from work, but are you able to see all the submissions? I'm now #245 (not 246).

  2. Oh, and click on the link 'contest.' The 'CWTS' link goes to the main description page. Thank you!!


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