Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, To Be 28 Again!

I thought I’d over-share slash cheese it up on a Monday morning with a little brain dump of seven things I love about Mr. JCrew. #warningitssappy (#andiusethewordsexy) I know I’ve gushed recently with our recent 5th anniversary, but TODAY is his BIRTHDAY and it is my duty as his wife to obnoxiously celebrate.

(Mr. JCrew asked to celebrate his birthday a day early because his birthday fell on a weekday. HA! I fell for that one. He opened his gift early and ate his cake.)

Since my blog is basically just a diary of our lives, I thought it was the perfect place to shout a few cheeseball-but-true things from the rooftops. Although we’re far from perfect, I’m so glad he’s mine. Here’s what I’m thankful for:
1 – Mr. JCrew’s love of Little JCrew and his patience with him – even when I’m about to lose my mind he’s my rock. An almost 18-month old has demands and opinions that wear you out! Meanwhile, the 4-month old brother wants someone to talk to. I love how imaginative Mr. JCrew is with both boys and I don’t think there’s anything sexier than walking into a room and seeing your hubby stirring a pot of stew with your son at his play kitchen. Or laying on the floor in his room reading him the 23rd book he’s handed to him. Am I right?

2 – His ability to love a small dog just as much as I do… even though Mr. JCrew resisted my idea to adopt Colby, he fell in love within days. He acted like the dog would be my thing. Colby is now “his” dog and he gives both Anderson and Colby more attention than I do on some days. He feeds them, takes them outside and loves on them. There’s not an ounce of I-won’t-do-that-because-it’s-not-manly-enough-and people-will-see-me in Mr. JCrew (probably thanks to him growing up with two sisters) and I love that about him. He’s confident. One day we might get him a bigger dog breed, but he won’t deny that he loves those small dogs. They may get on his nerves some days, but they’ve snuck their way into his heart and I love him for that.

3 – His love for God. Mr. JCrew has a great testimony. It was his desire to know God better that brought me into his life. Mr. JCrew is a search engine for Bible verses. He recently taught a study in our Sunday School that linked Proverbs verses to the New Testament. He didn’t Google for help. His hunger for knowledge is so captivating. It encourages me to be a better student to the scripture.

4 – His brain. There are many sexy things about my husband, but his quick wit is unparalleled and he makes me laugh until my stomach hurts at least once a day with some spur-of-the-moment quip that leaves me wiping the tears out of my eyes from cry-laughing. To anyone who knows us, Mr. JCrew’s sense of humor is one of his most defining characteristics (along with his whip smart brain full of seemingly limitless trivia knowledge). Heck, he’s so smart that even though he has the answer 99% of the time he somehow makes me feel like I figure out my fair share of things too. How does he do that?! It’s sheer brilliance.

5 – His devotion to me and our family. He has so much on his plate (church / wife / kids / work / school / soccer) and he gracefully juggles it all. He’s willing to make commitments to do what is best for his family. He makes us feel safe, loved, and appreciated – I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve seen relationships that look like one is chasing another person more or trying harder than them, but Mr. JCrew makes me (and the boys) feel secure and cherished and I could almost cry talking about it. Sorry, I warned you guys this would get sappy…

6 – His hard-working hands and his sweet smile (this might veer off into TMI territory, but he has the best lips ever). #backoffhesmine. His eyes light up when he smiles and his excitement is contagious.

7 – His willingness to help me with “one more thing” and to lay in bed at night and brainstorm our next project when I know he might rather be watching TV, sleeping or out for a run or… you know, getting friendly… while I’m running my mouth about some idea instead. I couldn’t be luckier that he’s happy to be “in the trenches” with me every day. It’s amazing that he has his own interests (soccer/school) while still staying involved with us and not checking out.

I honestly have no idea how I got so lucky. I promise I didn’t hypnotize him or anything. (Although we joke that I whisper to him while he sleeps.)

In summary: he’s the one. Mah man. And he makes me happier than elephants riding bicycles (and those make me pretty happy).

Happy 28th birthday, Mr. JCrew! Thanks for everything and then some.

And so ends my lovefest for el hubbo.

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