Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sequin Balloons

This week I am detailing the projects from Julie's Sprinkle Shower. You can see it here.

We found inspiration on Pinterest again.These balloons would be perfect for the Sprinkle Shower.

We had a couple of failed attempts trying to add sprinkles to our balloons. We cut circles out of paper and put them inside before we filled them with air, but you couldn’t distinguish the colors. And they all clumped together.

We tried again with the sequins, and the same problem happened, plus they were small.

We then were going to try gluing the sequins on the outside and use spray adhesive as our backup.

The sequins kind of worked.  I used foam glue I had on hand. It said it would work on any surface. I used a paint brush to glob on the glue and pressed them on the balloon. (I've tried to get the nozzle on the glue container to work, and each time I try, I fail.)

The first attempt at any project is a learning process. I first tried applying the sequins while the balloons were sitting there, in the air.

I then got into a fast rhythm of putting a balloon inbetween my legs and putting the sequins on quickly. 

I did all the white ones first, and then went back and did the pink balloons. I wanted to make sure I had enough sequins.

To fill the balloons, I actually bought a disposable helium tank! Party City had a sign in the window I saw as I drove by, so I checked it out. 

Of course you have to use helium quality balloons.

It could fill 30 9-inch balloons. It worked very easily.

However, I was disappointed with how long it lasted. Maybe I didn’t fill them enough. (I was scared of over-filling and POP!)

I filled the balloons while the boys napped at 11AM. The party started at 3PM. By the time the party started, one balloon was already drooping.

Drooping Balloons
By the end of the party (5PM) the table center-piece of balloons were drooping.

At least they held it together for the majority of the time.

Once Little JCrew saw the balloons, he had a ball taking the sequins off.

The balloons quickly went in the trash.

I think the balloons turned out great! I’m undecided if I will try the helium tank again.


  1. you could always see what the cost would be to have the tank refilled. i know next air does oxygen and nitros but maybe they do helium too.

  2. I asked about refilling and this tank can't be refilled. It still has helium left in it, but the balloons didn't last long!


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