Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Week

The interwebs have been inundated with math symbols this week. (Marriage Equality)

I think it's sad Holy Week has been taken over by political discussions. I rather not get into the political conversation at all. This is not the time to be discussing it.

This picture is a great alternative to the math symbols we've been seeing.

If you want to have the political discussions, you may; just pick a different week than Holy Week.

Dreams, Gossip, etc

I think this quote is a great reminder.

If you want something, pray about it. Don't just talk about it.

If someone has made a choice you don't agree with, pray for them, don't talk about them.

Monday, March 25, 2013


While Mimi is on Spring Break in Florida, I have gotten to stay home with my sweet boys.

I SEE you!
I don't think I've ever been happier. Even going through the potty-training of the days! It's just a special time.

Poppi has even come over to visit. (Come over again, Dad! The boys would love to see you.)

Mr. Brigglesworth is eating us out of house and home!

In church yesterday, Little JCrew colored a palm frawn for Palm Sunday. I love to hang his artwork on the fridge!

I think I am also soaking it in more than usual because I know this time is precious.

This past week was a big one in my home town in FL. A three year-old boy, Kaedyn, with Luekemia got a bone marrow transplant on Friday. I went to high school with his mom and this is his second time to relapse. It was over Christmas that he showed signs of relapsing, and a transplant would be the only way to save his life. It has not been an easy road for her to see her baby in pain and not being able to go outside. But they have had an overwhelming support system and the transplant went smoothly. Now they are asking for prayers that he does not get an infection.

On a much more sad note, another friend of mine from FL lost his 20-month old son Sunday morning. The family has shared all the details they know, but there are some unanswered questions. He was at a home daycare when he fell, hit the back of his head and his skull was fractured. He suffered a stroke and brain swelling and for three days they did all that they could to save him. I just can't imagine! Little JCrew is a climber and he's 19-months old! Their life is just beginning!

They have set up a Foundation for little Ellis Reed. Please visit and keep the family in your prayers.


It just makes my time with my boys more precious. I've got a craving to squeeze them tight, and luckily Little JCrew likes to cuddle.

If you have little ones, or big ones, give them some extra love today. I know I'll be smothering my guys. And say a prayer for the hurting families. Just knowing they are in our thoughts, is overwhelming for them.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Week

I have gotten to spend some quality time with my boys this week. It is so much fun to stay home with them and watch them. I think they're a joy.

Little JCrew has this thing with telling the dogs to "hush." Even when they aren't barking. He's done extremely well without the paci. Almost two weeks cold turkey! We thought he'd be really grouchy, but he's actually behaving better without it. Doesn't need it to sleep either. This is great!

On Wednesday, when I made his lunch, he took it out of the bowl and put it in his frying pan.

Guess I didn't cook it long enough!

Balancing Act

Mr. Brigglesworth is growing too fast. He's hitting too many milestones close together. Last Monday, at exactly 23 weeks, he rolled over. It was in slow motion. So slow, that I had time to yell, "Look, look, look, look" to Mr. JCrew. He repeated it and didn't do it again till the next day.

He has his daddy's hair!
 Now he's a rolling over champ and loves to show off.

He's still a happy baby that loves to smile.

I honestly think his legs are getting longer (I didn't say thinner.) He had some stumpy legs from Day 1. Or maybe it was the shoes.

There was one or two times this past week that Mr. JCrew watched the boys while I was gone. He had both of the boys in their "recliners" watching the 'Sound of Music.'

Looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship with Spring

Spring is officially here! Just two days ago I looked at my Ivory Silk Lilac and only saw the buds it sprouted in the Fall. No sign of leaves emerging. I woke up yesterday to see the leaves coming out.

How appropriate!

Last weekend was a gorgeous weekend. I think everyone on my street was out mowing. This had to have been a chain reaction. I asked Mr. JCrew if I was missing something. I didn't think mowing was the right thing to be doing right now. The grass is really stressed this time of year.

This brings me to the hate relationship I have with Spring.

 I can't keep the house clean! The grass comes in with the dogs and our feet.

Okay; maybe grass isn't the only thing making my house dirty. :)

Last week we celebrated Spring coming by putting down mulch.

In some areas it's a noticeable difference.

On the hill, you can barely tell from afar.

When we replanted the hill, the mulch went into the dirt. Weeds were taking over. I'm glad I won't have that battle to fight anymore.

 Happy second day of Spring!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sofa Table Up-Do

Console Collagew

I soooo wish I had a before picture of my sofa table for you. The best I could do was go to Hobby Lobby and take a picture of it there. Yes, this charming piece came from a craft store.


My original piece was made of PINK wood. This color I found to take a picture of is more like a latte color.


I was able to look past it and knew I would paint it. At the time, I had just painted the legs of my kitchen table black and was going to use the same paint.

black legs

I quickly changed the black legs to blue; the black just didn’t work well.

blue legs

I’ve always liked black furniture, but not stark black. I gave myself some slack and used the black paint I had on hand.


This was pre-mixed and oil-based. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Fast-forward to four years later, and I wanted to paint the console again. I have since found a lovely shade of black, but didn’t want to paint my console black again. I thought it needed to stand out against a dark background.

The bottom would be khaki and the top would be navy.

One Coat of Primer

I am learning the art of staining and painting. It’s all about the coats! I was so glad I saw someone post what things look like after 1,2,3 coats of stain/paint. I was thinking I was messing up when one coat did not look right. Then I’d apply a second coat too soon.

Second Coat of Primer

One coat of primer was not enough. I waited a day and applied a second coat.

The console sat in its primer state for a good week. Finding time to finish things is hard!

I taped off the console and painted the navy color first.


Lesson learned: painters tape removed some of the primer!


I waited another day and applied a second coat of navy. The drawers look perfect, but the top didn’t seem dark enough.


Day three was time to add the khaki. Again, two coats were needed.


I really like how it turned out. I was trying sooo hard to find the right color combo, that I just picked it and went with it without debating with myself. I did, however, contemplate painting the top khaki , too.


I put the clear coat on, and called it a day.

IMG_9339 (400 x 600)

Now, I used the paint samples at the hardware store, but it’s not the right paint to use on furniture. There are other paints out there that create an enamel really hard for furniture that sees heavy traffic.


If and when I repaint Mr. Brigglesworth’s dresser and chest of drawers, I will use the appropriate paint. But for $3 (buy one, get one offer) this make-over was easy!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Mountain

I had heard of this beautiful lake on Green Mountain. I envisioned it being FAR away. Before Mr. Brigglesworth was born, my parents took Little JCrew fishing there all the time.


We finally got to explore this beautiful site.


I had seen pictures my photographer took of a family and asked her where it was. She told me ‘Green Mountain.’ I then knew it couldn’t be too far. And it’s not. It’s just on the other side of the city.

It lived up to my expectations. They have a famous covered bridge.


Little JCrew loved it in there. He didn’t want to leave. He started to, but turned right back around.


Little did I know, that is where he fishes with his Mimi and Poppi. I found out that tidbit later and then it all made sense. He stands on those log stools with his fishing pole out the window.


There is a walking trail that goes around the entire lake.


There is even a small church.


And a log cabin with the story of Green Mountain.


A man from Germany came to the United States through New York. He lived in Georgia and had two children. Shortly after the second child’s birth, his wife passed. He remarried three years later and the family was moving to Texas. On their journey, they stopped in Alabama because his pregnant wife could not travel any further. He then bought 320 acres, now called Green Mountain, and raised twelve children.

How cool is that? You just stop a trip and buy some land and stay! And twelve children!! Back then, your retirement plan was your kids!

The trail was perfect. You knew where the path was, but it wasn’t an eyesore.


Little JCrew rocked it! He walked the entire way and didn’t slow down!


He also loved waving ‘hi’ to every.single.person we crossed. (I think we were walking against traffic.)


It was a great day with our little family of four. With our lives being as hectic as they are, it’s nice to spend time with my crew.


Green Mountain will be our family’s ‘Go-To’ place to get away from it all and focus on us.

Have a great weekend!

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