Monday, March 4, 2013

Closet Organization

Here’s how I know I’m an organization freak… it makes me happy!

I have a problem. There are a lot of things that contribute to this problem.

#1- I like to save money. So, when I see a deal, I tend to stock up. $0.25 or $0.50 for a spiral notebook, I’ll get 5-10 of them. Mr. JCrew uses them for school.

#2 - I can’t throw things away right away. I don’t think I’m a hoarder, but I do hold on to things for a year before I throw them away. You never know when you could use a scrap you saved. Look how many crafts I make with things I have laying around the house! Paint, fabric, jars, brick, paper, etc.

The problem from this comes when I don’t have room to store it all and to make room, it’s not easily accessible.

Recently, Mr. JCrew wanted to know instructions on our brownie pan (which is awesome!) and I told him I didn’t specifically know where they were; but I did know! To get to the product manual, I’d have to take down three boxes off the closet shelf because it was in the box on the bottom.

You are about to see pictures behind closed doors. These are the places you stash things when company comes over. I’m not the only one, right?

Closet Before

That’s when I set out to find drawers! Drawers would allow me to stack and still have access. The shelves in the laundry room closet are only 11 inches high, so there is not much room to stack. But the drawers helped me separate items that use to be grouped into one box.

To get organized, you must first get messy. I pulled everything out.

closet mess

Then slowly put things together.

closet drawers

My paper is now organized into separate drawers. Photo paper, linen paper, notebook paper, and construction paper. So easy to get to now.

paper drawers

And I have a craft drawer and a paint drawer!

craft drawers

I have a drawer for notecards and for birthday cards. (I stock up on the cards so I save a trip to the store for just a card.)

card drawer

It doesn’t do me any good to have all the tools, if I dread trying to get to them. I got excited to make Mr. JCrew his birthday card. I could get to everything to fast and not have to take down two boxes and unpack a box to get to the supplies.

closet after

I love my craft closet. (That’s what I’m calling it now.) However, it needs a light!

closet with no light

I know how to do it, but I need access to the ceiling above. The closet is tucked under the staircase, with no obvious access to the ceiling that I know of.

I’ll keep thinking of lighting ideas. In the meantime, I am enjoying my organized closet!

While I was in the laundry room, I also exchanged a shelf I had in there. Most closet shelves in our house are 12 inches deep. This works in most cases, but my Christmas decorations are stored in boxes that hang over the edge of the twelve inch shelf.


I used packing tape to hold them on there so Mr. JCrew would feel better about it. (Remember, he is Mr. Safety in our house.)

I bought a 16 inch wide shelf at the six feet length it came in. There was no one around and I wanted to get back home ASAP. You can see the difference in the shelves, here.


I borrowed my Dad’s clippers to cut it myself.


A few cobwebs and rust shows character!

The new shelf looks exactly like the old from the front.


But from underneath, is totally different!


Please excuse the realistic looking laundry room… we live here.


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