Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pop of Color

I’m on a roll with adding color to my furniture! Back when I chose a paint color for the school chairs, I also picked a paint color for Mr. JCrew’s chair in the kitchen.

IMG_8685 (400 x 600)

I hadn’t asked him if I could paint his chair, but that was part of my plan. If I came to him with the perfect color, he’d have an easy answer to make.


The first color that came to mind was a yellow! I had all shades of colors going through my head. Red, plum, orange, green.



I went to my paint swatch stash and looked at the family of green I used on the walls of the kitchen. I could use the lightest shade (almost a white) if I wanted to make sure it blended well.

IMG_9614 (600 x 400)

While I was waiting on my orange and yellow paint samples for the school chairs, I found more oranges and yellows that made me second guess my choice. But one color I was really drawn to was a yellow with green undertones.

IMG_9612 (600 x 400)

I put it next to my kitchen green and the blue on the table and it blended perfectly! (It would need to blend with the table too, since it sits right next to it).

IMG_8686 (600 x 400)

I really loved this chair. It came from Mr. JCrew’s old military base when they were giving them away. I have an old chair I snagged for my office.


I saw a similar one in someone’s office and wanted it! Then I saw this beauty sitting outside my door in the hallway, and I pulled it into my office. I just wish I could give it a face lift.

I primed the chair.

IMG_9389 (400 x 600)

Then added one coat of paint.

IMG_9565 (400 x 600)

The chair is too tall for the desk and the arms hit the table. After one coat of paint, it got a knick.
IMG_9580 (400 x 600)

I added a second coat of paint and then sealed it with my polyurethane.


Mr. JCrew’s chair doesn’t roll and currently can’t be pushed under the desk because it’s too tall, but it is still so comfortable. It doesn’t look like it would be, but I love to hike my legs up and curl up in that chair as I surf.

IMG_9621 (400 x 600)

IMG_9624 (600 x 400)

It now looks as pretty as it feels. From the inside out.

computer chair Collagew (600 x 600)

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